I just recently had a colposcopy done and just got the results back. They told me the biopsy came back severe. They didn't mention cin 3 or anything like that. 

I have to go back in 2 weeks for a LEEP. 

The whole thing worries me of course, but I'm worried too on how to tell my partner. We have been together for 5 years and have a 17 month old little girl together. I just don't see him being very understanding about it though. I don't know who gave it to who, but I don't want him thinking  cheating or anything. I absolutey haven't and I know deep down he will know that. I'm more of an understanding person than he is. He typically jumps to conclusions and can say mean things as of a result. 

Move known about this for a couple years now, but just didnt know how to tell him. Now that things have gone more seriously with these abnormal cells, I feel I shouldn't hide it any longer. 

Any of you have experience with this? it's sad I'm more nervous to tell him than to get my LEEP results back. :( that worries me too of course. 


Just because you have abnormal cells doesn't mean yo had to cheat! 

This sometimes takes years to come up! It is even possible he got it from someone before he met you and then transferred it to you. I would suggest to read about hpv so you're prepared for the talk, sit him down and explain everything bit by bit 

Some info to give your partner: 80% of women will have the HPV  virus at some point in their lives. It shows no symptoms unless it causes cervical cell changes so nobody would know they had it. This is why they are now vaccinating girls at age 14 (in the UK) against the two HPV strains that can cause cancer.

To put it into context, pretty much anyone who has ever had sex without a condom will have it at some point. It can be passed without penetrative sex too so those teenage fumbles in the dark could even lead to having it.