HPV positive for first time


I am so worried, I started a new relationship with a man who has not had sexual intercourse for 3 years prior to meeting me. I was a virgin in every sense before I met him.

My smear history has always been negative HPV, then this year I have a positive HPV and negative cytology.

My worry is:

  • Does he have a resistant HPV strain that doesnt go away by natural immunity which is why he gave it to me. Why has his natural immunity not cleared him?
  • Can he continue to re-infect me now?
  • I am going down the IVF route as I am over 40, does anyone know if they wont do it now or if it will cause issues?
  • Its been a year since I am with him, why hasnt the infection cleared if he gave it to me? The internet says 1-2 years.

I am so so so so so so so so anxious!

Please help.

hi there,

i understand the stress and anxiety you’re having as i’m going through the same thing too. What HPV strain were you infected with? is it a high risk? sometimes it takes more than 2 years to go away.

try boosting your immune system, and talk to your doctor.

i’ve recently been tested High Risk HPV too and trust me i’m freaking out and googling non stop too. the only advice i can give is try talking to your doctor about it

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Hey Angeline,

I dont know the HPV strain but its high risk HPV, so 16/18.
What were you infected with?

I am sick to my gut with worry.

Please let me know if there is anything that will boost your immune system. I take vit d already.

Mine is 18/45, but there are also other high risk other than 16/18.

Currently i’m just trying to eat as healthy as possible, lots of water intake, and getting enough sleep. I’ve also recently purchased AHCC Kinoko platinum to boost immune system (i just bought so i’m not sure if it works).

Try eating more dark leafy vegetables like kale, spinach and broccoli and try foods that boost Vitamin C and E too.

try to manage your stress too, trust me i know it’s hard, my emotions are like roller coaster too. but we can only do our best and pray God will heal us.

did your doctor talk about your treatment?

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I am not sure how I would go about finding out what strain I have but I think they only test for 16/18 in the uk?

I have heard alot about AHCC and yes we must reduce stress and ensure we are healthy to help us get rid of this virus!!

I only have my results the other day and it just says repeat smear in 12month. It will be a long anxious wait for 12months and then a long anxious wait for the results and to know it hasnt got worse…

It really is so hard.

yes 12 months is a little too long to wait and trust me i totally understand how you feel. i’ve recently received my result and it’s also my first time having hpv. i couldn’t sleep well for days and hardly have appetite too.

perhaps you can try boosting your immune system for now and instead of 12, go back for a test in 6 months. that’s what i’m planning to do actually.

however i’ll be meeting my gynaecologist tomorrow and will see what she advise.

if you’re below 45, perhaps you can consider taking the vaccine too, it might help to prevent future infections even though it doesn’t cure the current one.

do you have abnormal cell changes? if not perhaps that’s why you were advised to go back in 12 months.

Okay, I have calmed myself down a bit.
12month wait is because the cytology was negative.

Spoke to a friend of mine who was HR HPV positive and moderate dyskaryosis on cytology (CIN2) and she had a letz and went on to have a baby through IVF and has been negative since so that is reasurring.

She was very stressed at that time.

Please let me know how tomorrow goes for you and thank you so much for replying to my post. It means alot to me.

Good luck x


you’re welcome, i’m glad i could talk to you a little too. we ladies gotta stick together and encourage each other. i’ll be praying for your test to be negative soon :pray:t2:

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