Tips to help after + HPV result

Hi there. I didn’t think I’d be writing on here or be here at all again. I had severe pre cancerous cells and tested positive for HPV about 12 years ago. After successful treatment and clear results since, my recent smear has come back HPV high risk positive again but thankfully this time with no abnormal cells. That might not sound too bad I know, but I suffer from terrible health anxiety and I’m blaming myself. I’ve been in the best relationship for the past 2 years but previous to that had a number of different partners. I now fear that I’ve got persistent HPV and it’s never going to go and worse that I’ve given this to my partner and he’ll get cancer as well as having the fear of going through the same treatment I did again all those years ago.

Has anyone got any tips to help ease these feelings of dread about being HPV positive?

Hello so sorry that you have tested positive again after 12 years but no abnormalities so good news
Do you think maybe your inmune system has not been great since your last test? Try taking some multivitamins to get rid of the virus some studies suggest it helps there is also AHCC Google it it may also help clear it faster.
But about the relationship my gynecologist was 0 worried about my partner she said to use condoms to protect me not him so that I don’t get infected again. And please please don’t blame yourself about past relationships you can get HPV from only 1 partner and HPV is something most people clear without problems but some unlucky women find it harder to clear it . Dr Anita Mitra. The Gynae Geek. She explains HPV in a great way. Take care

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Thanks so much for your reply. It really helps. My immune system has not been great in the last 2 years - I had covid, a terrible chest infection and also I’ve been under an enormous amount of stress moving into a new house. I also have a high risk of breast cancer through my family background and go for 6 monthly scans. When they scanned they found incidental findings (which turned out to be benign) but the worry with that won’t have helped either. I guess one thing is this has made me think about looking after my immune system better! Thanks again for your response.

I think we have a lot in common also high risk for breast cancer because of family and checks every 6 months all good so far I have 1 more 6 months and they will put me on yearly . Really trying to keep stress down but is so difficult, take care good luck

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Thank you, you too. Been great to chat

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