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Hello, I have a lot of confusion about HPV and thought I’d find some comfort here. I’ve gotten Pap smears since I was 21 and they’ve all come back normal. I assumed I was tested for hpv each time, apparently I have not. This time at 26, I was screened and it came back positive for the Hpv, i just did my 3 month follow up and the cells came back for mild abnormal cells still at the monitor phase. I’m really worried.

Does anyone know of any ways to up my immune system to fight this? Any supplements.

I also noticed that my bf has bumps on the shaft of his penis. We’re not sure if it’s masturbation friction or from the Hpv but he’s going to get it checked out.

I’ve never had warts before and neither has he so the whole thing is pretty confusing, and I don’t have a baseline of info to know when this may have occurred if it was from me.

Any advice/comfort would be really appreciated because I don’t know who to talk to about this

Hi so on the same boat near enough in 37 been having smears since 2010 always normal but since end of 2019 they started this hpv testing I had my first one 5th aug got my results back no cell changes but hpv possitive proper got me worried to. Edging with but now just trying to boost my immune system as much as possible probiotics and ahcc they are pricey but I have heard realy good reviews …also any kind of multivitamins all gots help right!!how comes you had 3 month review?I have to go back in 12 months…as for your boyfriend in like 99 percent sure that is nothing to do with the hpv I’m no doctor but pretty confident …just keep up with appointments this is very common virus and I guess it’s never known how long we have had it which is the worrying part but I’m sure you will be absolutely fine try not to stress chin up !xxxx

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Thank you and good luck to you too :heart:

My colcposcopist explained it as being like the flu, it’s very common and our immune system usually fights it off and it then lies dormant so we’ll never fully get rid of it but it won’t be active enough to cause issues. But also, just like the flu there can be complications in hpv these include pre - cancerous cells that can grow if left unchecked ot untreated but they grow slowly hence the 3/5 year smear. It made a lot of sense to be having it described this way. Although I’ve it taken them there is a suplimemt that I’ve seen other in here taking but u can’t remember the name of it, if you type suooliment into the search bar the different chats will come up and you can have a read xxx