HPV and CGIN waiting for treatment

Hi, 2 weeks after I had a smear I received a call from the hospital saying I have HPV and abnormal cells and needed a colposcopy. I was given an appointment urgently. When I went to the hospital the consultant told me I have aggressive pre cancerous cells and she warned me that when she did the colposcopy she might not be able to see what she wanted to. She said the cells are CGIN and the cells could be higher up? I was so upset at it all, I had a breast cancer diagnosis 2.5 years ago and have just had my final surgery so I am so overwhelmed with everything. As the consultant suspected she could not see what she wanted and is speaking to the MDT on Friday to decide on my treatment. She mentioned a hysteroscopy and Letz but nothing was finalised.
I feel really anxious and was hoping for some reassurance. Thank you.

Hi Kbelle,

So sorry to hear you’re going through this, especially as you’ve already been through the mill with breast cancer :cry:. CGIN means abnormal glandular cells (could have been cancer of the glandular cells in the breast as well) and it is more aggressive than squamous cell issues, so they will want to treat you rapidly. The glandular cells are higher in the cervix in what is called the ‘transformation zone’. We will keep everything crossed for you that it’s precancerous, and they can get it before it becomes cancerous. I’m sure every care will be taken.

Now the good news - there are a number of ladies on this forum who have been successfully treated for Adenocarcinoma - which is the cancer that can emerge if CGIN cells go on mutating. Of course many more that have been successfully treated for CGIN cells - so take heart. It sounds like you’re a priority, things are moving fast, and it’s a good thing that it’s going to the MDT on Friday so the best decision can be taken about your treatment. You’ve got this. Xx

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Hi this is very similar to my story. I had CGIN and was due to a hysteroscopy for some abnormal bleeding I had the previous few months. My consultant decided to do that as well as the Lletz under GA. The op was fine and I was out same day. They took a lot of biopsies as well. I waited 7 weeks for my results. No cancer and had to go back in 6 months for another smear. I’ve just had that now and no HPV or abnormal cells so have to go back in a year. It’s very overwhelming but I had to put my faith in the Consultant. Having the OP under GA was much better for me. Hope that helps.


Thank you for replying and for that explanation. It helps x

I have had abnormal smears in the past and had recalls for colposcopy and cryo surgery (it was years ago).

I had a smear in December and a recall to hospital just before Christmas. I had a GCIN and a top hat LLETZ.

I had a referral to oncology at the end of January and they confirmed it was completely excised, with very clear margins.

I am now on a programme of pelvic scans and smears on a 6 monthly interval for the next 18 months.

The treatment itself was a little unpleasant, but all in all it wasn’t too bad. I didn’t even know I had a problem, so found out I had had cancer after it had been removed.

Obviously all cases are different and you need to discuss your options with your consultant, but in my case, the treatment was quite straight forward and I have a positive outcome.


@coco happy for your result Xx

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