So scared please help. Cgin

Hi all, 

please can anyone help I'm scaring myself silly waiting for a colposcopy.

They have detected cgin after my first smear, what am I to expect?

How likely is this to be cancer? What are your experiences? 


Caroline :( Age 25 

Hi caroline, 

I recieved a smear test which came back as glandular abnormal it is or cgin. I wish my story was a reassuring one for you but I'm sure lots of ladies will have experience of cgin and it's treatment. Cervical cancer is very slow growing so it's unlikely it's gone that far :). The waiting for my colposcopy and then for the biopay results was by far the worst bit, the two week wait. Try not to Google as you will just scare ur self. A lot of misguided information about cgin aswell it's not any worse it just behaves differently to squamous abnormalities so they do treat it slightly different even in its early stages. 


Take care, charlene x

Hi Caroline

I had the same thing as you and it wasn't cancer, but pre-cancerous changes, so do try not to worry. When is your colposcopy? I had a few days wait but I know people have a good few weeks until the appointment and you do have to try and put your mind of it. CGIN is usually treated in exactly the same way as CIN - it just means that the abnormality has been detected inside the cervical canal, so its the glandular cells that are affected. You might find this recent thread helpful 

Basically, the smear can only give a rough idea of what is wrong.... it has detected a glanular abnormality but has not necessarily indicated what grade etc. The chances are if it is suspected to be something very serious they would not have told you it was CGIN. When you go for the colposcopy they will look and if they can see abnormal cells, they remove them. If not, they do further investigation. Glandular abnormalities can require further investigation so you are in the best hands possible and they will look to see where the cells are, how abnormal they are and then seek to get rid of them.

Hope this helps!

Thank you so much for the replies. Only cgin mentioned. 

What treatments did you have? 

I managed to get an early appointment Monday as someone 

cancelled. The lady told me this happens a lot, can't believe 

people would cancel or not show up. 


Thank you for your reassuring stories, praying for good news. 


Hi Caroline, that means less waiting so it's good news. I managed to get a cancellation too which meant the whole waiting time not being as bad....


I had a colposcopy, during which the doctor saw a slightly unusual vein pattern and biopsied this - a few weeks later it came back as CIN3... nothing about glandular abnormalities,but the punch biopsy only covers a tiny area and doesn't indicate wider abnormalities (in my case what the doctor could see was part of a bigger glandular abnormality). So I had LLETZ based on the punch biopsy (for CIN3) - this was fine, no pain, no discomfort, some discharge a few days after and a little bit of bleeding, but I found it fine, slightly annoying more than anything. The results came about 5/6 weeks later and they said that it was both CGIN and CIN3 and they  thought they had it all but weren't sure, and would be meeting this week to discuss in a MDT meeting. This is because they tend to discuss all glandular cases at these types of meetings. So, I am awaiting that and it may be a case of further treatment or coming back for a check up in a few months....

Good luck, and do try not to worry. It's very very unlikely to be anything more sinister than abnormalities (non-cancerous)


Glad to hear you have a cancellation, yes I will agree that waiting for the tests and results is the worst bit! I had high grade CGIN and CIN 7 years ago and had a lletz treatment and cone biopsy and all was fine. They check me each year for changes and this is the first year its come back that I need to go back but theyve only mentioned HPV virus and not anything else (had my letter today to ring for a colposcopy, so am trying to remain calm!)

Can empathise what you are going through and please feel free to private message me if you want to. Big hugs xx


Crazychick, sorry you've had the HPV detected...although great that they have been monitoring you each year and you've had lots of normal smears. I do find it quite reassuring as I am awaiting to see whether they will do more treatment, and feeling a bit concerned about CGIN and CIN3 coming back and all that kind of stuff. Also because they went in quite deep (1.6cm) with the LLETZ (the first and only round i had) but I am worried that they will want to do more....should find out today or tomorrow. I'm also pre-children, and so have all teh concerns about shortened cervix etc. From my understanding, treatment of CGIN is similar for the most part as when you had the treatment in 07, but at my appointment they told me they would test for HPV at my six month check up i.e once they have ensured that they have removed what is there. She said that testing for high risk HPV is now protocol with CGIN (at least in my healthcare trust) and it would help them to determine future checkups. I know I have to go to the clinic every six months for at least 5 years rather than getting smears with my GP/Nurse. I think she said this was because of the CGIN, but i'm not 100 per cent sure. Have you been going back to a clinic or to your own GP since 2007? 

I imagine that they haven't found anything worse than potential HPV in your smear, which is a good thing. Hopefully at the colposcopy they will give you more details. I've read a few cases on here where viral/borderline changes are checked out, but no treatment is needed, so I assume a lot fo the time it is the medical team just being cautious!


Thank you so much Louise it's the not knowing which is the scary thing.

Hi crazychick, 

thank you so much for your reply, it makes it easier to know I'm not the only one. It's great to hear so many success stories. My life is so on hold at the moment. 

C x 

Hi all, looks like a lots of us girls have had a nasty encounter with Cgin...I can totally sympathise as it is a very stressful wait. My story is a long one but please feel free to check out my profile and I'm hovering around in the background here if I can be of any support. Sending positive thoughts and strength to those who need it now. Luv Shaz x