Hi I've never posted here before or anywhere really but I have spent all afternoon worrying about results I have been told over the phone I didn't take much in and didn't really understand it all my recent smear shows glandular changes and cgin and have been called to the colposcopy clinic can anyone shed any light on what this means? I've had abnormal results before and had lletz treatment before but this change is different any advice or help welcome xx

Hiya :)

i think I'm right in saying that glandular changes are usually higher up in the cervical canal rather than on the surface....cgin stands for the same as cin I think apart from the glandular cells are affected rather than the usual squamous cells....sorry im not much help...try not to worry (easier said than done I know) xx

Cgin and glandular abnormalities only make up about 10% of cell changes and cancer of the cervix known as adenocarcinoma. They start further I'm the cervix like before and they are treated almost the same in the early stages however it is possible for it to skip lesions as these cells behave slightly differently and so they can be a more "harsh" in treatment to be absolutely sure it's all removed. I was glandular changes at my smear test :) xx

Thanks for the replies it's so hard to understand or know anything when I haven't yet received a letter only appointment by phone only words I could hear was high grade and glandular something and that I would get treatment I'm a worrier at best of times and not knowing exactly what's happening doesn't help xx

Yes as per other posters higher up canal, still can be due to hpv, glandular rather than the skin like cells on front of cervix.


Cgin is less common and graded all as Cgin (unlike cin they don't grade as 1,2,3).  Mine got investigated last yr with colposcopy and punch biopsy. Then this yr I got lletz as the intervening smear still showed Cgin. They didn't explain I had Cgin at time I found out myself by reading posts on this site and if you search Cgin you should find some useful info.

Hi thanks for the reply, I tested negative e for hpv and from what I have read that's a bit unusual? As it seems that's the cause for a lot of abnormal smears? I tried to google cgin and glandular frightened myself lol ibe had loop treatment before and the dr told me that should be the end of it didn't expect to see me again especially of hpv was clear so now I am worried x

Hi can I add I have read that if u have cervical erversion that could be why the glandular cells are on the outside and could that be the reason it's been picked up in my smear??