HPV + and abnormal cells, symptoms

Hi everyone,

I had my first smear last year and was HPV positive so was invited for another screening this year. This time it is HPV + and abnormal changes, and I have my colposcopy next month. I am quite nervous as for the last 8 months I have been feeling unwell, pain during/after sex, have constant pain in my pelvic area, my hips bones feel like they will shatter and I cannot even manage my cat sitting on me, or my partner putting his arms over me. I’ve been quite nauseous, lack of appetite, legs really sore/achy to the point I really struggle to walk, and feel so so tired all the time, even waking up feeling like I’d been knocked down. I can feel ok for a day or so, then everything hits me like a truck, and I feel so weak. I have had abnormal bleeding and have found that I am very dry… also that when going to the toilet, finding I still need to go, right after just doing so. I went into hospital and there I had another smear done, and I was in agony - crying in pain. Frequently checked for UTI’s and always test negative.

I got an urgent referral to gynae, but this is still an appointment in May 2024. I just feel that no one is taking me seriously, and now with these results again, I am starting to worry way too much. I also ended up losing my job as I was off sick for a long period due to all my symptoms and days where the pain really reduced all my mobility.

I am just wondering if anyone else has had anything similar? If so, would you be happy to share with me how things turned out for you?

Hi @Nacho96 sorry to hear what you’re currently going through. When you have the colposcopy next month they should be able to give you some insight so you don’t have to wait until May next year!

I am not experiencing the same symptoms as you; however, I tested positive for HPV last year with no abnormal cells, in September this year I had another screening and results were still HPV with moderate abnormal cell changes. I’ve recently had a colposcopy where a biopsy was taken and now waiting for results. No abnormal cells removed yet.

I hope everything goes well for you. X

Hi @Charlene35 , thank you for your response.

I’m probably just getting a bit ahead of myself aren’t I? I think I’m more frustrated that I am getting no help or support for the pain that I am in.

I hope everything goes well for you, too, waiting results is never a stress free time :slight_smile:

I completely understand, is your GP not able to give you any advice/support for the pain?

Thank you, trying to keep myself busy :grimacing:

I am so sorry to hear this. I personally think you deserve to go to A&E to be treated as you are in pain and it’s affecting your life. They surely will give you a biopsy which might get the ball rolling way quicker. That is shocking with how long you would have to wait. My advice is go to A&E and say you need looked at straight away as you can’t stand the pain anymore!
Hope you get something happening soon to help you. Take care!

Hey @WeeP
Thank you for your reply :slight_smile:
It’s A&E I had gone to on 2 separate occasions, both times I got admitted. Both times I had an ultrasound, but these came back inconclusive, and I got sent home with paracetamol. My GP has given me codeine, but this barely takes the edge off. My colposcopy is on the 16/11, so I’m thinking if I have waited this long, I can wait until then. After that and the results, I can see if I need to get pushier with my GP. I’m still keeping positive!