HPV+ and abnormal cells anxiety

Hello, I’m new here. For the past two? Years my smear tests have returned as being positive for HPV which didn’t feel great. My latest one though also showed abnormal cell changes. I’ve been booked in for a colposcopy at the end of February.

Even before this I’ve been anxious and stressed, work, study, child, money etc. And now I am finding myself struggling to go to sleep at night because all my worries and fear about the colposcopy results and what they could mean.

Anyone have any advice on how to stop the anxiety and overthinking?

Thanks in advance

I have my first colposcopy in the morning and I am already in a tense state. I have been waiting since December 17th. I literally got divorced and made my will a week before the letter arrived. I managed so far with distraction by keeping super busy and an early spring clear out at home. I think about tomorrow and I break into a sweat and feel sick. I will try and write about how well it goes when I have been, I hope. There’s lots of information on here if that helps settle your mind a little.

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Hi there, I’m in the same boat, I had a smear because of pelvic pain a year ago came back totally negative and just got my result today for my first scheduled one (I’m 25) and it came back HPV positive and moderate abnormal cells. I’m so scared. If you could share your experience that would be amazing, I have my colposcopy next week :frowning:

The procedure was more or less pain free. The only pain today was me before even going to the hospital when clumsy me decided falling over in the shower and dragging the shower curtain with me was a good idea as preparation for the day. I took 2 ibruprofen an hour before going. They kept me talking to them while it was all happening it was about 5 minutes chat, 5 minutes procedure (felt like 10) and 5 minutes after talk. I went in hoping they would not see anything but about half way through she popped up to say she was taking two biopsies and I carried on talking and paying as little attention down there as possible. That makes it sound so easy, but I was a quivering mess and cried after and they let me sit around and have a water. She explained what she had seen after and said she could have almost taken what she saw out with another couple of biopsies that day. I have barely had any discharge and I am glad it’s done. She said that the area that showed might be the HPV causing it, could be low grade cell changes both of which would require no treatment. If it was CIN2/3 on the biopsy result then that’s a treatment. All in all I am glad that something was found to be checked by the lab rather than worrying she had missed a bit. Just the waiting game now.


Thanks so much for your detailed response, putting my mind at ease a little. I’m glad it went “smoothly” for you, I’ve been crying all day so this has made the idea of the proce8 a bit more bearable. I wish you all the best and hope it all comes back clear! x

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I feel for you as I am also going for a Colposcopy Tomorrow Morning.Feeling very Stressed and Scared.Hope all goes well for us all.xx

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Hi, I have just had my.result that was HPV positive and borderline abnormal. Am feeling a but terrified.

Hi indiechic, I had the same result as you and had my colposcopy a few weeks ago. Please try not to worry or I think about it too much (easier said than done I know!). The colposcopy is a simple procedure and very similar to the smear test. The doctor will talk you through everything. If you are worried then please tell them and they will try their best to help you. I had to have three biopsies taken at the colposcopy, but these are over very quickly and I didn’t feel any pain. They may not need to take any biopsies if they don’t see anything concerning, but in my case I had a small abnormality which is where they took the sample from. I had my results back which were CIN1 & 2 changes, so due to having CIN2 they are offering the LLETZ treatment. I actually feel the best I have about it since getting my smear results, as I know it will be treated and fingers crossed it will sort it out. Just know you have done the right thing and are in the right place no matter the results (if you have a biopsy)! Hope this helps you xx

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@Sunflower12 thank you for sharing. I am feeling loads better since opening up on this forum. I am so glad to hear you are feeling good too.

I have been put back on 3 year smear is this correct? Letter said inflammation and HPV changes.