Hpv AHCC tablets

Hi all, I have bought Kinoko Platinum 750 AHCC tablets in the hope to try and rid myself of HPV after having my baby
These are the ones i bought. How many tablets per day. Is it 2?
Anyone had any good results on these? Xx

Hi ya, I’ve been doing a lot of research on AHCC (yet to buy some myself), it’s recommended to take 3g of the supplement to have a decent effect. So 750 tablets you’d need 4 a day, I’d imagine two before breakfast and two before dinner??

So from my research it’s best to take 3g on an empty stomach to have the best results. I have been taking this amount every morning then waiting 30-45 mins before eating or drinking anything else. We will see if it works at my test of cure.

I’ve gone for it and ordered some, but I only ordered one bottle for now just to see if it agrees with me, if after a couple of weeks I don’t have any weird side affects I’ll order some more :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, thank you. Did you take all 4 tablets in morning or spaced 2 AM & 2 PM??
Hope your test of cure is ok. I have mine in August xx

Same, ive ordered and hope i dont have any strange side affects :grimacing:

My bottle of 60 tablets has arrived. I am on holiday this week so think I’ll wait until next Monday to start them, I work from home so have the privilege of my own loo if things don’t turn out well :joy: I’ll keep you posted on the first few days