AHCC Side Effects

Hi Everyone,
Just started taking 3g of AHCC last week. Plan is to do this for 6 months. I’m excited to see if this helps at all with my persistent HPV-16. I was just wondering if anyone had any weird side effects or feedback about taking it. I see that the clinical trial had women take 3g once daily. I’m a little weirded out at taken so much at one time so I’ve spread out to 1.5g twice daily (on an empty stomach), but that’s actually a bit of a pain, scheduling around an empty stomach, so I may just go to 3g once daily.

I’ve noticed a little back/kidney tenderness…but that could be from working out and what not.

Overall, feel pretty “normal”. Anyone else experience anything else, or have an experience to share??

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Hi nbundara,
I am 3g a day too.I was spillting it into 2 doses but then it’s isn’t always on an empty stomach so maybe I will take them all in the morning.I think they have made me calmer.Not like I am stressed all the time although work can very stressful but I think I feel a lot calmer in myself.It’s hard to explain! I’ve no side effects after a week of 3g a day.

I took 3g AHCC daily for a year in an effort to clear my persistent high risk HPV. Unfortunately, it didn’t work and cost me a lot of money. I hope you have better luck.