HPV 18 positive but vaccinated 10 years ago - normal smear

Hello, I recently went in for a Pap Smear, I'm 33 and am ashamed to say this is only my third. The previous two were normal. I had the vaccine at 23 but have tested positive for HPV 18. I am very worried because this means I have had it for at least ten years. I am booked in for a Colonoscopy in 3 days. But I am pretty much convinced they will find something especially because 18 is more strongly associated with the type of cancer that starts higher up the cervix. Has anyone had anything similar to this and what was the outcome?  


This same thing happened to me! I was also vaccinated in my early 20's, but also somehow had the luck of getting HPV 16. Keep in mind, this does not mean that the virus was ACTIVE in your body this whole time. I have been having annaul pap smears at least for the last 7 years and I haven't have anything come up until this past January. It's my understanding the virus can live dormant in your body for decades and go totally undetected until it does show up and start doing that nasty cell change. 

This post was a while ago so hopefully it all sorted out! 

Hey, thanks so much for the reply. Can I ask what kinda of problems it caused did you have an abnormal smear? I have a colonoscopy in 3 days, I am freaking out because I read HPV 18 is more closely associated with the type of cervical cancer that is higher up the cervix and is more likely to be missed by smears. I also did not keep up with my pap smears I have only had 3 and I am 33. So maybe if could have been picked up earlier, I feel like a bit of an idiot. 



So my pap came back atypical glandular cells and postiive for HPV 16 (highest risk HPV). I didn't have any symptoms or issues prior to my pap and was shocked to hear I was HPV positive (especially since I got the stupid vaccinane). I have been going annually since I was 18 or so, so even with my going every year (they say that people under 30 should go every 3 years, but I had good insurnace) I had no issues until now! So don't think that "if" part would have made a huge difference, especially considering it could have just became active in your body now. So even if they would have tested for it nothing would have shown up. Don't beat yourself up over it!! There's no knowning really and now that you DO know you can do something about it! 

You're in the worst of it now because it's lots of waiting around and reading google searches! Hopefully by now you've heard some results. If you have any other questions please feel free to send me a private message! :) 

Hi, thanks so much for this response. I went and got a colposcopy and the gyno said all fine, didn't take any biopsies.