Having Smear 18 months late

Hi everyone,

Just hoping that someone will have some reassurance or some advice for me as I’ve really gotten myself so worried! I had my first smear around 3 years ago and it came back with low grade changes and i had it repeated 6 months later which came back normal. I was told to come back a year later for another one and if that was clear I could revert to screening every three years. I never made the appointment and I’m now 18 months overdue for a smear , my appointment is on Monday and I’m so worried. I’ve convinced myself my last period is a few days longer than normal and was lighter than usual and every ache and pain I’m convinced is related. So many people on this forum have been through so much and I know I’m being so dramatic over nothing! I just feel so down and depressed and all I want to do is stay in bed and worry :frowning: I feel so stupid that I missed my last smear and I feel convinced I’ll be told something terrible is wrong! I’m 28 and lots of my friends have never been for a smear at all and lots of my friends have also had to have colposocopies and lletz so I know that there are two sides to this and that it’s very treatable. If my last smear (2 and half years ago) was normal is that a good sign? ( I should add that I had The vaccine when I was 20 but I know by that stage I may have already been exposed to HPV so I’m not sure if that will make any difference) thanks for all your help!:slight_smile: