How long will this last? Post lletz

Hi there,
I have recently had lletz procedure approaching the three week mark now.

I know I have been really lucky with my recovery -
Extremely lucky. But I was wondering (sorry if tmi) if anyone has had the yellow discharge and how long it’s going to stick around for. It’s been like this for last week and a half and Everytime I think it may be going - it doesn’t.

Anyone had any experience of this and offer any positive words?


Hi Zoeelaina, It's 3 weeks for me on wednesday since Lletz and i am also experiencing this discharge, i too was quite luckly had no pains/cramps but did have my period on the 16th lasted a full week and the bleeding was something else, gushing out (yuk) most days now i'm now left with this dischage and a bloated feeling. I' not sure how long it lasts but i do think it's normal i've been looking online and as long as you arent bleeding heavy everything else is fine  its just the healing progress but if you are worried ring your gp and have a ittle chat with them. Sorry i couldn't be much help. x

I'm in a similar situation too. Had my lletz on 3rd August,  week before my period was due.  First two days nothing then an earlier than normal and very heavy period. After 5 days, experienced lighter watery bleeding for about 10 days and now heavier than normal and yellowy watery discharge.  I'm sick of wearing sanitary towels! Not sure when the next period will turn up. Hoping it will all go back to normal soon for us all.