How long to be referred for colposcopy

Hi everyone, I got my results on Friday (via doctors portal online) which said I needed a colposcopy. I have not yet received a letter with my results or a letter to invite me for colposcopy.

I called the hospital to arrange it myself but they said they can’t arrange it until the referral has come through as I’m not on the system.

How long in your experience would this take to come through? The waiting is awful… :frowning:

Hi, how long did you end up waiting for the referral letter? I received my results nearly 2 weeks ago now and still have not received a letter informing me of when my colposcopy appointment will be and the waiting is making me really anxious!

Hi, I actually ended up calling the colposcopy clinic and booking the appointment myself as I had the same worry after a few weeks of not hearing anything. If you know what hospital it will be at (usually your closest), definitely give them a ring!

Hi @llihl13 my results letter arrived on the Wednesday and by that weekend I had my appointment letter. The appointment was quick, within 2 weeks of the letter. HR HPV and Low grade changes. I worries myself sick in the waiting period. However, attended my Colposcopy today and the nurse could not see any abnormalities under the microscope and I have been discharged
(this is quite common apparently)
Hope you receive your appointment date soon and I hope it goes well.