Colposcopy referal

Hey ladies wondering how long it took you to get your referal letter for a colpscopy … i had one back in 2017 and all was ok but ive had anual smears since 2020… i got my smear results fir this year in feb saying ive tested hpv positive 3 times in a row and being reffered to colposcopy and i will recieve my letter for apointment in post its been 2 month’s and i still havnt recieved it hqs any one else had this issue or is it normal amount of time to wait for a referal… from what i remember in 2017 it took a couple weeks for me to be seen at the hosp… thanks in advance

Hi … I was seen within a couple of weeks.Is it worth giving them a call?

Mine was a couple of weeks too. Give them a call to follow up. My colposcopy couldn’t be completed so was referred to the consultant and when i hadnt heard anything after 6 weeks I followed it up and I’d been missed. Got the next appointment 2 weeks later.

Thanks for the replys ! , i just rang my go and she just said we have no referall on out end but didbt really give me q clue on who to ring to chase it up so i said il look on my letter theres surly a number but no i was wrong … so im assuming i would ring the hospital outpatient clinic :woman_shrugging: il try and see if they can help me … i wasnt worried so much but now im starting to bleed iregularly again and sex is painful i have ver bad back pain and nausea latley just want it over and done with for peace of mine :crossed_fingers:

I got the same letter and its the GP that makes the referral for you. Try the colposcopy clinic and if no joy ring your GP again and check they have received the same letter.

I had tbe results of my smear 20th April and now have received my colposcopy apt on the 22nd April. Xx

Really wow thats so fast … well i rang the hpsital they put me to theew to the person who deals with it and i had to leave a voicemail ( which makes me very awkward) … like a moron i left a messege saying im tryna chase up a referal letter i have yet to recive then hung up . Realised i never gave them my name or details … so rang again today and got told to ring on Monday ti try and book in one myself. :woman_shrugging: its a joke lets hope all is well and they havnt just set me back by wasting my time being usless … its been 2 whole months so far

Sorry for all my typos :see_no_evil:

Hi Tee, hope you got sorted?

I was referred last year and having waited 7 weeks to get the results of the smear (was told it was due to the backlog after the pandemic), the soonest colposcopy apointment was months away!
I then got a cancellation though so was seen much quicker in the end, so thats always worth a try - especially if you are prepared to travel to a different hospital managed by the same CCG. They often manage appointments centrally within the same region, but youre allocated obviously to the most appropriate location. If you happen to have transport to get you to somewhere less convenient you often have more chance of cancellation.

Hope the colposcopy goes ok :slight_smile: