Waiting for Colposcopy Appointment

Hi All, 


I received my smear test results back on the 9th of September, letter stated that I would need to have a colposcopy however I still haven't had any appointment through as of yet. I contacted my Gp today and they said they haven't received a letter with results, I have the Doctor calling me on Saturday to discuss further. 

I also contacted two local hospitals to see if they had any referrals for me and they have nothing either. 

I am a little concerned and not sure if this is the norm. 

First smear test even though I'm 29, I was so scared and avoided having one for as long as possible. 

Any advice welcome ?

Hi I got my smear test results in March saying I needed a coploscopy and I'm just getting my appointment on Wednesday because of Covid my results said abnormal changes and high risk hpv I know how worrying it is waiting hope u get an appointment fast x

Hi I got a referral for hospital in March after smear test results high risk hpv and abnormal cells I just got my coloscopy today because of Covid it's horrible waiting I was expecting today to be told everything was fine then was told she saw something at my womb and took 3 biopsy's I now have another 6 weeks to wait for results xx

Hi Ruby,

Did you hear back? I'm in the same boat and received a letter referring me Colposcopy on the 01/10 but still havent had an appointment through. I did wonder if things might be taking a particularly long time because of Covid and have made a note to ring my doctor when I get to the 6 week mark...