Waiting for smear test results

Hi everyone,

So on Monday I had my 2nd smear test (I'm 28 now and had my first when I was 25).  When the results came back from my first smear test they said I was HPV positive and had abnormal cells so was booked in for a colposcopy; whilst in the colposcopy appointment the doctor said "oh yes that doesn't look good to me" so she took a biopsy to confirm.  When I got those results back, they were very confusing.  I can't recall the exact terminology used but it basically said my cells were "borderline" but they weren't bad enough to do anything so come back in three years time. 

Well three years later, here I am, just had my second smear test and I mentioned to the nurse doing the test that my results were confusing last time (and I also told her what happened in the colposcopy).  She had a hard time even finding my medical records (which again, just seems really wierd!) and then told me that I had one of the strains of HPV which are known to cause cervical cancer, but because it came back as borderline then nothing more could be done. 

I've now been told that it will be a 12 week wait before I get my smear test results through - has anyone else experienced these waiting times?  I think I recall it only being 4 weeks last time around - although I assume it's because of the backlog of covid tests as to why it would take so long this time. 

Any info people could give would be amazing - I've been worrying over the possibility of cancer for the last three years, what's another 12 weeks or worry? XD


Laura xx

Hi Laura! 

I had my smear test on the 22nd of January and was told to expect to wait for at least 6 weeks for the result. Despite that I received the letter a week and a half later on the 3rd of February. I waited much longer last year... nearly 6 weeks and that was before the pandemic had even begun! Fingers crossed it'll be the same for you, the waiting is the worst part! 

Hi Laura

I had my smear the week before Christmas and still no results!! I phoned doctors who then put me through to the secretary dealing with this and she says it's definitely because of Covid. She did say however that if anything serious was seen then it would be quicker.

I hope you hear soon as I know the waiting is awful x