Long waiting time

hello, I am a brand new member on here I am just looking for some advice if anyone can kindly offer me some help.

i had a smear on 13th March.  I received my results letter through the post on 1st May saying that I had to have a colposcopy as I had positive HPV and borderline changes on my smear results. This has sent my anxiety into overdrive and I have been feeling very worried and low but I thought "I will be ok once I go for the colposcopy" I have received my letter through the post today (5th May) and my appointment is the beginning of October!? Everyone is telling me not to worry as it's obviously nothing if they are not rushing but I am still in full on panic mode. Is it normal for such a long wait? as when I go for the colposcopy it will have been nearly 7 months since my smear? I just don't know what to think/do.

many thanks for any advice anyone can give me.

claire x

Hey sweetheart,

i am so sorry that you're having a stressful time, the waiting sucks so badly. 
October does seem like a ridiculously long time to wait but the only thing I would assume from this is that they feel there is no need to rush you through the 2 week wait which I would take as reassuring. 
I wonder if there is a number you could call and explain how waiting that long is making you feel and seeing if either someone can explain what the changes are better or whether you can get an earlier appointment so you don't have to spend months waiting and anxious. 
sometimes they can put you on a cancellation list. 
massive hugs sweetheart,

I hope you can get an earlier appointment,

Love emma xxx 


  Everything is a bit more difficult at the moment because of the corona crisis, but I am sure your case will have been risk assessed and considered suitable to wait until October.  90% of HPV infections are cleared naturally by the immune system within 2 years and borderline changes means your cells are on the cusp of normal and abnormal  which is fairly reassuring.  Obviously there can be no guarantees but it is highly likely that you will be fine.

I do understand that seven months is a long time to have something hanging over you if you are feeling anxious; as emmz suggests it might be worth trying for a cancellation appointment.

Hope all goes well for you.




Hi Emma,

thank you so much for taking the time to reply to me. I spoke to the nurse at my doctors surgery this morning and she basically said what you have just wrote to me. Sadly due to Covid I have to wait. She said she could try and ring them to get an earlier appointment but she knew what their answer would be. I will just have to keep myself busy and try not to think about it as much.

Once again thank you so much for taking the time to reply to my post, I really appreciate it xx

take care and stay safe.


claire xx

Hi Jazza, thank you so much for replying to me, you and Emma are very kind.

Hopefully if things due to lock down etc change slightly over the next few months the department may take on more appointments and I maybe able to get a cancellation.


take care and stay safe 


claire xx

I am in the same situation.  Went for a smear in February 2020, got results back in March. HPV positive and low grade dyskarosis.  Need to go for a colposcopy but they are not doing them due to Covid-19. 

Only high grade ones being done.  I'm just worried that with all the waiting around it will get worse and change to high grade. 

It is possible it could get worse but statistically speaking it is more likely to either stay the same or to clear up by itself. 

Hi all, 

This thread is a good example of the different areas/trusts and how they all do things differently it seems.

I had a smear in March (I am already under a consultants treatment), got result in april and have an 'urgent appointment' for June 2. 

My result was low grade dyskaryosis with HPV +. I have been previously staged at a1a and had two loop treatments under GA.

If any of you waiting are concerned try and contact them and see if you can be seen.

M x


Hi Madamex

I don't know for sure but maybe it's possible you were prioritised because of your previous history of 1A1?


Hi Jazza, 

Yeah I was thinking that today. embarassed