Waiting (im)patiently!


Hi ladies, very glad to have found this forum - have been lurking for the last month or so and everyone is so supportive and friendly and it's stopped me googling stuff (always a good thing!)

Went for a colposcopy and biopsy 3 weeks ago now and haven't heard anything back :( the colposcopist told me she'd have the results with me between 1 and 2 weeks and gave me her number (for some reason can't bring myself to ring and ask her though - I'm such a wimp!). I only had borderline cells at my smear test and tested positive for high risk HPV, but then when I went to the appointment she said she could tell the changes were 'unfortunately clearly quite a bit more severe' and she took 3 biopsies. I bled a lot after too - she did say it was an unusual amount of bleeding - it went all over the floor and made an embarrassing mess! Obviously this was quite alarming but I thought I'd have the results soon so tried to put it to the back of my mind. As time goes on I'm really struggling to keep my sanity during the wait!

How long did other people wait for? Did anyone else have borderline or mild changes and then get upgraded at the colposcopy? Is no news good news? Would I have heard by now if there was really bad news? 


Thanks in anticipation of any responses x

HI Glitter Duckling (great name!)

I can't really answer your questions yet, but just wanted to say hi & that I'm pretty much in the same boat so maybe we can wait it out together!!

I had my colposcopy on 21st August, had a borderline smear result way back in April and positive for HPV (but not the 2 high risk strains).  My colposcopy threw up worse cells than the consultant expected, so she did biopsys and decided to remove what she saw there and then with a Lletz procedure.  She told me that she was sure that the biopsy was not going to come back clear, but of course that doesn't necessarily mean the worst! I didn't ask alot of questions after it was over, mostly as I really just needed to get out of that room! 

From what I've read on here I suppose Im just waiting to see if the cells were CIN 1, 2 or 3 and the consultant said the likely outcome would be a f/up smear with her in 6 months.  She hoped that I would hear in about 2 weeks so I have a bit of time to wait yet, but like you I am starting to let my imagination run away with me a bit!  Trying to keep it in check and remember that the consultant was confident she had removed all the "bad cells" but try telling my head that!!

Anyway, heres to speedy and good outcomes for both of us!!  Good luck with the wait! This forum helps alot....

Claire xx


I had my LLETZ on 31 July (four weeks last Monday) and I still haven't had any results unfortunately. 

It's doing my head in but I'm hoping no news is good news, which is probably ridiculous!

I see everybody waiting four to 6 weeks for their results and my doctor said after my leep is done ill find out in 5 days...does that mean i should be even more worried?? Im already freaking out as it is an my leep procedure isnt until september 14th.

Hi Ladies, 

Also anxiously waiting for results. 

Had my LLETZ  on 8th August, was told by the consultant at the time results would be about two weeks and she would probably call me back to see her, she said 'your cells look very bad' but didn't elaborate and I was a bit shocked after an unpleasant procedure (she didn't numb my properly and then could stop the bleeding for 30 minutes!) so didn't ask the questions that are now all rumbling around my head. 

I have spoken to my doctor since who has tried to put my mond at rest as much as she can, sdhe said results would probably be more like 2-3weeks. 

Then read the leaflet I was given after treatment agian at the weekend and that said 6-8 weeks, very confusing. 

I called the hospital on Wednesday just to check which timescale was most accurate. They told me standard procedure is the results are always sent in writing and would be 6-8 weeks. Turns out I had the new locum doctor which explains alot about my experience! 

Chrrisy_g I would ask when you go for the procedure how long the results will be, everyone seems to have different opinions! Good luck with procedure hope all goes ok. 

Luckylisp I know how you feel. Everyone keeps saying no news is good news and I am trying to think the same but it is hard when it is your body. 

Stay strong ladies, you are not alone. Here is hoping for quick and positive outcomes for us all.


I guess it depends on which part of the country you are in. I'm in Yorkshire and it took 2 1/2 weeks both times. I called to chase the most recent one. I know it's hard waiting but honestly "no news is good news" in the grand scheme of things.

Popping my head round the corner to join in this conversation!!

Had my LLETZ about 2 and a half weeks ago and the wait is killing me. Even though I know there's probably nothing to come back with it's just knowing that something will be dropping in the letter box. 

My hospital said to wait up to 6 weeks I'm in the East Midlands, really hoping it's sooner!