Colposcopy, how long until you find out when?

How long have people waited to find out when your Colposcopy appointment will be and where? Feel like I have been left hanging and had no contact from anybody! 

My colposcopy came through a few days after my smear test results at my womens hospital they have a clinic there, i did give my GP a ring first before my appointment came through who told me i could ring the unit which i did, so i knew when my appointment would be before the letter came through, hope that makes sense x

It does thanks. I had my results Saturday which were posted Friday. Still not heard anything and my letter doesn't detail where I have been referred to. So called my GP and they have no clue saying if the gp received a letter it is probably still in their pigeon hole!! Also tried calling primary care support england where my letter came from who said they will only speak to my GP and not me. So called GP again and got same response. So I am now nearly a week later with no answers other than a letter saying I have an abnormal smear, hpv and have been referred for a colposcopy. 

Try giving a few more days and if you still havent heard ring GP again, i know it took my gps surgery a while to get the results from my colposcopy, waiting is the worst! x

Usually fairly quickly. Around a week I would say, but it's often then another few weeks until the actual colposcopy appointment. xx