Hoping for reassurance

Hi ladies, 

i attended a colposcopy appointment today to receive treatment for an ectropion (inflammation of the neck of the cervix) Whilst examining me the dr found what he called ‘cells that have changed’. He removed them and took a punch biopsy. He said I am likely to not have to come back as he has removed the changed cells and that I’ll get a letter telling me the results.

i had a negative smear only a few months ago but know things can change quickly, I am absolutely terrified and fearing the worst. I’ve been having post coital bleeding (which is assumed to be from the ectropion) and v painful heavy periods Which are suddenly irregular.

i just wondered if anyone has had a similar experience, im an anxious person as it is but waiting for these results is going to worry me sick.

Thank you in advance xxx



I'll tell you my experience which I hope might calm you a bit. I had a negative smear test in August. Around the beginning of October I mentioned to my doctor that I had some dark brown discharge the day after sex. She was very thorough and upon examining me said my cervix was red. She referred me to the gynaecology consultant under the 2 week pathway and I saw him 4 days later. He said I had an erosion and took a womb biopsy on that day. He was reassuring so I wasn't worrying but they got me to come back on the Wednesday for a colposcopy. I thought I'd go there and be told it was all fine. However he said there were large white areas visible from the acid they use. So I really panicked, and he took 3 punch biopsies. For about a week after that I was having panic attacks, couldn't sleep or eat and thought the worst. Gradually I was so exhausted I calmed down a bit. I waited 5 weeks for my results letter, and got my partner to open it because I was so scared of what it would say. But... It said that the results of the biopsies showed no abnormality! It also said they are referring my case to be discussed at a colposcopy Mdt meeting because it is unusual to have negative smears, negative hpv and negative biopsies but acetowhite on colposcopy. So although it's easy to say afterwards, it is far more likely to be something either mild or at least treatable. I was dissolusioned with the NHS before this issue but I have to say they have all been great, and the system that is in place is effective and thorough in the majority of cases. Hope you start to feel a little less stressed soon :) 

Hi, hope you are ok!

I am in the same boat at the minute, i had a colposcopy last week (second one, my first was 4 years ago and was inconclusive. i have since moved and spent the last 4 years trying to get a follow up).

The same was found in my case, ectropian, but she also took 2 punch biopsies as she could see "minor anormalities".

She didnt seem concerned by these at all and when talking to me after the colposcopy was over she talked only about the treatment for the ectropian once the biopsy results are back.

Im really putting faith in her lack of concern until i get the results because there isnt really much else i can do :).

Mine has been going on for years, after i bled at a smear test and was referred there and then for a colposcopy, but since moving, my new Dr's have been determined to put my symptoms down to something else, ive had an ultrasound to check for anything left from pregnancy and ive been tested for coeliac, but finally my newest doc has just sent me for the colposcopy, so at the minute im feeling more relieved than anything that we are heading in the right direction.

I really hope you manage to put the worrying to one side, your results will be with you before you know it if you find a way to focus on something else xx