Hi everyone,

I apologise if I’ve posted this in the wrong forum, i was unsure where to post due to the nature of my topic but hopefully this is the right place.

I am 25 years old and had my very first smear test in February this year. Long story short, i was referred for a colposcopy after they found High Grade dyskaryosis. Cue me completely freaking out. I had the cells removed via loop diathermy and that was that. So i waited and waited for my biopsy results letter to come through, after 3 weeks i still had nothing (and i thought well no news must be good news, right?) Then, i had a letter come through to see the gynaecologist back at the hospital - cue me freaking out again.
I saw the consultant at the hospital who told me that they had indeed found the early stages of cancer in the biopsy - however, in the loop diathermy treatment they managed to get rid of all the abnormal cells, and therefore all the cancerous cells. Good news right? They said there is no need for any cancer treatment, and i should go back for another colposcopy in 6 months.

However, i cannot seem to get the thought out of my head that they missed something. For them to have found cancerous cells but decide not to give me treatment seems like a good thing but i am so so incredibly worried that they have missed some cells or something is wrong.

Am i being completely paranoid? I suffered a lot of bleeding and discomfort over the weeks between my smear and colposcopy, and then again for around 4/5 weeks after the colposcopy and the thought of having another other trouble is making me extremely anxious. Im really not sure where i stand or what i can do?
Any reassurance would be amazing. Im really glad I’ve found a forum to express myself.

Thanks in advance,

Hiya Daisy xx

I can't offer much help as I'm not familiar with the situation.I wanted to reply yo let you know you're not alone. I think you should speak to the gynecologist who you spoke to before just incase there's any new questions and concerns you'd like answered. These times in life are never easy and the wait is annoying. In the meantime keep busy book a holiday, pamper yourself, have an adventure. Remember to live don't let the worries stop you from being happy. 

If you ever need to chat or rant or vent please contact me xx