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Hello. I joined here 7 years ago when I was first diagnosed with 2a cervical cancer with 4 infected nodes.

I went through radio chemo and brachytherapy and touch wood I am doing well and clear.

I found this site when I was diagnosed and it was a real comfort and I made some amazing friends. I haven’t been on for some time but I’m conscious when people get well they perhaps leave and this their good news stories with them

I just wanted to take a second to share my story and reach out.



Hi Kimmy, that’s great to hear - needed this today. :slight_smile: Would you care to share a little bit about your treatment and any challenges (or lack thereof?) post treatment? Here’s to your continued health! Xx

Thank you so much! Lovely to hear your doing so well xxx

Hi anam

So I had five weeks of radio with chemo once a week and some brachytherapy at the end

I was very fortunate in that treatment wise I got a little tired and sicky towards the end of the treatment and needed a blood transfusion before my last chemo but I qas largely ok.

I Kept my hair and side effects wise there are very few.

I won’t lie post treatment I get a lot of urine infections but that is about it.

For me the hardest bits were awaiting diagnosis and post treatment awaiting scan and results.

I know it sounds stupid but I coloured in when I was freaking out as it zoned me out.

Not sure if that’s any help. I’m not sure what ur facing but I remember how scared I was and never imagined I would be here 7 years later please stay strong and positive and thinking of u

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Thank you xxxx. 1b2 girl here with PET scan tomorrow. Trying to fight off the scaries. Afraid of feeling pain/suffering if I go down chemorads route. But stories like yours are inspiring and keep hope alive.

Thank you for sharing!

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And colouring in is so not stupid. Like, ever. :relaxed:

Aw I hope everything goes alright for u:

Not sure if it helps I remember being deviated I could not get surgery and had to get chemo trip but genuinely I’m amazed at how little an effect it had and how normal I feel now.

I won’t lie it’s so scary and horrible but it wasn’t as awful as I thought it would be.

Anything u need or want to ask please get in touch

And hope tomorrow goes ok

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Ps the sun bit and waiting for results was the worst but by far for me

Same Kimmy, all I did was pray at first it wasn’t cancer; then after I found out I prayed I wouldn’t have to get chemorads; then I found out it was probably too big for surgery. So I stopped praying. :relaxed: J/K

So now…well, I’m slightly less terrified and just try to live my life as best as I can while I wait for treatment confirmation xxx

I was so the same I felt it being cut it was the only way to feel better.

If u ever want to ask anything please get in touch.

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U maybe don’t want to but keep in touch if it helps . Hope everything goes alright.

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I will do xx

And thank you

I finished chemorads and brachytherapy just under a fortnight now. I won’t pretend it was easy for me as I found it tough going, mainly as I had the worst bowel issues and fatigue. However once I reached the end of week 2 I seemed to turn a corner and I coped a lot better. You can do this, you honestly can. I only posted on here once but I did lurk and it was an amazing source of comfort and information. My pro tip would be never to assume that you’re going to feel worse tomorrow or that you’re just going to get gradually worse, it doesn’t work like that. If you’re feeling awful one day there’s no reason why you won’t feel dramatically better the next.
Oh and ask for all the meds…don’t be shy.
Huge love, it’ll soon be just a memory xxx


@AnaM hang in there, I was where you are just the other week, you shall soon enough have a clearer picture for treatment plans, which will be one step closer to getting it scheduled whichever way it goes. I have Rad Onc phone appt this week hope to hear if my chemo rads are going to 5, 6 or 7 weeks in duration. Still no radio planning or treatment start date for me yet, I know it all takes so long. It’s been almost 1.5 months to get where I’m at now. I know the waiting is torture.

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Thank you Nicky and well done for finishing! I really hope it’s plain sailing for you from now on xxx all the best wishes!!! And thank you for the realistic and still really positive take on the treatment. :heart: I too am so grateful for the virtual support here.

Hi ShareBear, yup - it is so very hard to wait and wonder. Especially if you actually feel well – I find it hard to reconcile that I’ve got this “thing” when life up to this point has been normal and healthy on the outside. Hoping we both get on the kill-this-f*cker express train very soon, with first class tickets. Xxx

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Yes, totally agree, lol! Love it, haha, 1st class ticket for sure. Good luck on your scans and Onc visit, hoping no node involved, and you stay at stage 1. All the best to you, take deep breaths okay! We will get through this!

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Just reading one of the comments and it said their cancer was too big so couldn’t do surgery, I had a radical hysterectomy then afterwards they said the tumour was a lot bigger so they did t need to do that!! Plus I still had to have radiotherapy and brachytherapy I finished both in February feeling loads better now just more my mental health with anxiety and my sex life has suffered we’re only young so my poor husband hasn’t moaned once but I can imagine he’s ready to kill me