A bit of hope

Hi ladies

I hope treatment is going well for everyone. I just wanted to post here to offer a bit of hope.

I finished chemo radio brachy a couple of months ago for a large tumour with node involvement.

Yesterday I got the results of my examination and MRI and it’s all clear including the nodes.

I wanted to post here as I remember going through treatment and feeling that it wasn’t working, so please keep postitive everyone and keep going as there is light at the end of the tunnel.


That's brill news for you!!!

Brilliant news! Congratulations x

Thanks for posting good news,we love that ;-)

Fantastic for you.

All the best for the future

Becky x

Thats brilliant news, congrats. 

Nicola x

It's always uplifting to get such a positive posting, so thanks for sharing and giving us all a lift.

Brilliant news for you Kimmy and brilliant news for the women a short way behind you as well :-) Thanks for posting :-)

Can I just say thank you so much for posting your results !

Wow it is fantastic news for you and your family 

I have a large tumour with node involvement and I am halfway thru chemo radio

I have been quite positive so far but the what ifs are starting to appear in my head

so reading this has really given me hope again before I go for my radio today !

Thanks again Kimmy

Fantastic news! You must be so happy and relieved and so are we.

Take it easy!


Big hugs,



That's absolutely fantastic news kimmy,  so  pleased for you xx