I'm here

Hi everyone,

I have been absent from here since all my treatment finished. Although I have an Instagram page all about my life after Cancer I think I thought this was only a place for me during my treatment and I wanted to hide away after. How wrong was i?! I wish i’d come back sooner. I am currently waiting for an MRI and it turns out I am not alone in my feelings about this. The wait, the anxiety etc etc.

So, I am back and I wanted to say I am here for anyone who might need it. Questions about their treatment, questions about what happens after treatment or even just for a friendly chat.

Sending love and strength to anyone who needs it and maybe speak soon.

L x

Hi Lorna

My diagnosis was also stage 2b in July 2018 and it's great to see people back and offering to help others. At my initial diagnosis and beyond some very special ladies supported me from my posts on here and without them I would be lost and I'm sure people will be grateful of your kind offer x

Hi Lorna,

thanks for coming back, your experience will mean the world to a lot of us. I was diagnosed 2b in July.  similarly to willow the ladies on here kept me sane during my diagnosis and treatment and hearing others stories has definitely made me feel much less alone. 

I hope your MRI is soon and brings good news, 

much love Emma xxx 

Thank you for coming back, and how wonderful and hopefull to see you are doing good. Gives me ( and lots of girls with me) so much hope. I was diagnosed 2B last August which completely devestated my world. It’s such a LIFE changing event, and it is so comforting to see how there is a great life after cancer. 


Thank you ❤️

Btw I just noticed you’ve had a hysterectomy after chemo radiation treatment? May I ask why you had this op? i was told a hysterectomy wasn’t possible after chemorads due to radiation damage?

Hey lovely, sorry for the late reply. I completely forgot I don't get notifications if someone comments/posts so I need to get better at checking back on here. 

Yes - I had my hysterectomy after the chemo/rad/brachy. It wasn't planned, they were hopeful they would get all the Cancer with the treatment plan but it didn't quite work so they ended up having to do a Hysterectomy after treatment finished. I finished the treatment in Feb 2017 and then had the Hysterectomy in Aug 2017. 

They weren't 100% sure that what was left was Cancer so they gave me two options: 1. Have the Hysterectomy but understand the risks associated with doing that after the radiation damage. 2. Palliative care if what they could see ended up being Cancer and spread. I went with option 1 and the only real issue I had was internal bruising on my bladder, otherwise it's been fine. I was also able to keep my ovaries so didn't have to go back into the menopause again having already come back out of it once!

Hi Lorna,

I am just interested to know why you were given those two options. Hysterectomy or palliative when you had suspected residual tumour. I am a bit surprised that you weren't offered total pelvic exenteration which gives a roughly 50 per cent chance of survival as an alternative to palliative care. It's great that the hysterectomy worked but if it hadn't, would they have just written you off? I am not trying to stir things here, I am just  interested because I have had concerns for some time that some women are not offered the opportunity and I am interested in finding out more about why this may be the case.

Karen x