So I got my results of Severe Dyskarsosis on Tuesday and my Colposcopy is on 1st July,

On the 28th July i go to Mexico to swim with Dolphins,

Im terrified my results are going to be cancerous and am going to be So happy/relieved if not.

Ive wanted to swim with dolphins since i was 5 years old, and now im going to do it BUT....

If i need treatment how do i stand with swimming ect....

Ive read conflicting accounts so please could anyone who has had advice from docs let me know.

It will break my heart to cancel the holiday but i will of course do whatever is necessary.

Me :)


It will depend what you’re having done at the colposcopy.

Punch biopsies take about 4 weeks to heal and lletz about 6 weeks and swimming/bathing in water or anything going inside you whilst your cervix heals is a no-no. The risk is infection, and the last thing you’d want on holiday is having to go to hospital for it.

With there being 4 weeks between your appointment and the holiday you would probably find you’re ok after biopsies but if you have a lletz you may still have discharge.

Some hospitals offer a ‘see and treat’ system where they’d do lletz there and then but some take biopsies first then you have lletz at a later date.

It’s a tricky one! I can’t advise what you should do so thought I’d give you an idea of what normally happens. My colposcopist asked if I was going abroad before they started so definitely bring it up as soon as you can.


Hi, sorry to hear your result, but wow -what a fantastic holiday!!

It would depend on the treatment you have and your doctor's advice. when I had my lletz I was told no sex or swimming for 4 weeks... you will be at 4 weeks then so I think you should be OK. I had a big area treated. Even if its a day or two sooner I would take the risk tbh.. life is too short to miss out on something like that. perhaps you could ask for some antibiotics to take after just to be on the safe side?? I think the general idea is that once the discharge/bleeding stops + a couple of days to be on the safe side, you are OK to swim etc.


However, that's just my thought and I'm not a doctor - listen to what they say. xxx

Jo, my clinic told me that for punch biopsies as long as the bleeding/disharge has stopped then it is OK to swim.. I called them this week to ask if I could swim a week after by punch biopsies. I think 4/6 weeks is for lletz.



For me the punch biopsies were worse than the lletz, and they told me 4 weeks. I guess everywhere and everyone is different!

I'm in the same position. Colposcopy appt is on  11th July (abnormal cells and HPV positive) and I go on holiday on 5th August. It's my first holiday in 9 years so would like to swim etc and not have possible bleeding. I am wondering if I should mention this beforehand in case they want to treat then and there as I've read they sometimes do?

I am in the same situation  -colposcopy 26 June and holiday 8 July :((( xxxx


I'll be 5 weeks post LLETZ on Monday & i've just come back from 2 weeks in the south of France.  

I was unsure as to where i stood with swimming whilst away as well so i called the nurse at the hospital and she told me that it was standard practice to state no baths, sex, swimming, tampons for 4-6 weeks BUT in truth it was a judgement call.  She told me that if everything had cleared up then it should be fine to take a few dips in the pool to cool down and so i did.  Not in the first week (3 weeks post-op) but i was in the pool plenty of times the second week and touch wood, everything seems perfectly fine.  

However, they obviously tell you these timescales to limit your risk of infection.  I was swimming in a very clean chlorinated pool.  Where are you swimming with the dolphins?  If in the sea i cant imagine there would be too much risk (after all they used to tell new mums to take salt baths to speed up healing) but if it was in a "man made" environment it might be a bit trickier.

Do you know whether your area offers treatment at the same time as colposcopy (if needed)?  

L x

(ps - completely irrelevant to the whole colposcopy situation but my fiancee & I are having our honeymoon in Mexico in November and we're also going swimming with dolphins.  It's always been a dream of mine too Smile)