Telling work about pre-cancerous cells and postponing lletz until after holiday?

Hi everyone

My smear showed high grade (severe) dyskaryosis and my colposcopy appointment is on wednesday. Did anyone tell their boss about what was going on? I told mine and he's been good about it and supportive, but now I'm worried I've jumped the gun and been unprofessional by oversharing! Did anyone else tell work they needed time to go to appointments for these cells? Also, how much time off did people take for lletz? My work are happy to let me take whatever I need as paid sick.


Also, while I know I won't know for sure until after weds, given that I have high grade dyskaryosis and symptoms I anticipate being told to have lletz? The gp seemed to think they would definitetly want to remove the cells. However a week after my appointment I'm due to go to Mexico for a week and I'm scared of getting heavy bleeding or infection in another country, plus the holiday will involve lots of activity and swimming etc... is it unwise to ask to postpone treatment by 3 weeks to eliminate any risks? I don't want to make us cancel the holiday unless I have to... not only will I be disappointed but I would feel so guilty ruining the trip for my boyfriend too! I know health is more important than a holiday though.


Thanks everyone!



To Be honest they ask when getting it done if there is holidays booked cos there's a lot of discharge that can last up to 4 weeks, I know the doctor told me and said people should always tell us, if I were you I would ring the clinic and see what they say, also everyone is different I had mine 2 and a half weeks ago and my back is so sore since last week I went to the doctor yesterday  and ive a kidney infection(never had one before) she said my body is run down after it so on antibiotics for the week 

Hi, it is likely that you will have a LLETZ procedure and that will mean no swimming for 4 weeks. Like Mandy said ring the hospital and tell them you are going on holiday to Mexico, I expect that the will recommend delaying the procedure. 

Thanks for your replies. Is it fine to go in for the colposcopy before a holiday, just not lletz? If so do you think they'll still let me go in for the colposcopy and just come back later for the lletz? I don't know if it's normal to do it all in one go, but I would rather they had a look and took the samples asap if that part will be fine to do before hols as I don't want to delay knowing what it is! 

Ya the colposcopy you will also get a bit of discharge but doesnt last as long, and some people get cramps for the day I didn't so that was easy enough I think like csquared sais they will prob wait till you come back to do the lletz 

Thanks again, I took your advice and called them. Did you need any days off work after to recover from lletz? 

I had lletz yesterday, back in work today. I didn't tell my boss beforehand but had to tell her today as there were certain things I was not allowed to do. The nurse asked if I was going on holiday and said I shouldn't fly for 4 weeks after treatment. I also have symptoms and so was given several tests one of which was a smear and came back high grade severe dyskaryosis so sounds pretty similar although this is my first smear and i am nearly 35. X 


saw your posts and wanted to share my journey! my smear came back exactly like yours back in sept - high grade changes etc and schedule for colposcopy - they removed the cells there and then and didn't even discuss not doing that. the procedure was fine but I was uncomfortbale for a few days after that. I took the day off but worked from home for the rest of the week (3 days). Due to the risk of infection your can't swim or have a bath for 4 weeks and then give you antibiotics for a week just in case as it is left as an open wound (you can see it they just class it as that). My results came back as CGIN and CIN 2 but said all cells removed. 

In April I went for my 6 month follow up - smear and hpv test and got my results last week - borderline changes but hpv negative. The consultant has now asked me back for a second colposcopy so got to go through it again! 


Wonder if if anyone else has had it twice both with cells removal?? 

dont worry though the procedure is ok- what did they say about your holiday? Xx

Oh gosh, so sorry to hear you have to go through it again shireen! Perhaps this time you won't need lletz? Good luck, I hope the colposcopy goes ok.


Regarding the holiday, the receptionist said they would still want to see me on wednesday but to tell them about going to mexico and they would delay the procedure until after. My appointment isn't until wednesday though so will know for sure then!

Thanks for your reply beccy, I hope you're feeling ok after lletz? Are you just waiting on lletz results now and then it's hopefully over?


Yes I feel ok, tummy was a but tender but ok. I'm awaiting the biopsy results but have an apt with my gp on tues as the guy doing the colposcopy thinks I may need to be referred for scans due to the symp I have been having so will see what doc says on tues. X 

Hello all. Just to give you my experience with the work situation. I was quite open with work regarding appointments and hospital visits I may need in future ad I thought honesty was the best policy. 

I had LLETZ under GA so had to have time off due to the after effects of the anaesthetic. My role involves driving long distances and manual lifting so I was advised to stay off for 4 days. 

However, I now find myself in an unfortunate position. Work have taken this job off me as they say it's better for my recovery and the business if I stay in the office.  I'm a bit upset that they are using my health situation to demote me temporarily so I would advise to be cautious when giving info regarding what might happen in future as it may have a negative impact.