Delaying treatment

I had my appointment for LLETZ through for 9th March. I have a holiday to Orlando booked on 6th April so I called up to see if I could have it sooner to give more healing time due to water parks etc. I was told that if I had a bleed/infection whilst out there I would not be covered by travel insurance so they have put my treatment back to the end of April. Is this safe? I assumed they wouldn't delay if it wasn't but my partner and mum aren't happy and would prefer to have treatment now and cancel holiday. Is anyone able to offer advice/reassurance? 



Summer 2008  - clear smear

July 13 - abnormal smear (repeat smear in 6 months)

November 14 - abnormal smear CIN 1 called for colposcopy

Dec 30th 14 - colposcopy, punch biopsy taken.

Feb 14 - results CIN 3 LLETZ

Doctor knows best :). I personally do not think 4weeks will make any difference but that is my opinion only.- an din some cases the cells can go back to normal even from CIN3. I would listen to my doctor's advice. Enjoy your holiday! 

Hi, just had my lletz on Monday. Didn’t go as expected as I ended up with high fever and had to have antibiotics. Today is Friday and only just feeling hood enough to walk about. I decided to delay he treatment from last dec to this year as my insurance pot ran out last year. Spoke to consultant on. My situation and she agreed that it was not super urgent. So would agree that if doctor thinks that it’s ok to delay, it would be. After all, if it was that fast growing, it would have been treated with far more urgency…


Thanks guys this was my thinking also. My only concern now is that it was the person who answered the phone at the clinic that advised this. Not sure if they were a doctor or if they had my notes up :s

Aw Nmacleod, you sound like you've had a bad experience, hope you feel better soon. 

Lolly x



How long have you waited for this appointment? I personally think that you wouldnt enjoy your hol and be restricted going to orlando i wouldnt want to be going on rides etc and in swim pools a month after. If you have complications abroad due to it thats when your insurance may not pay out.

Good luck and have a brill hol :)