High/severe dys

Hi, im new to all this. So might all come out wrong. Who knows. I am 25years old. Just had my first smear. Im a mum of a 6 year old and a 8month old. So my smear was ok to have, nurse said i had some discharge around my cervix. But didnt seem worried, she just dabbed it off. I got my letter yesterday saying i had abnormal cells, and i would need to go to the hospital to be checked. Today i got my date and its next thur (2nd nov). It says i have severe dys (cant remember how to spell the rest). Im so worried. I have been all over google but it isnt helping put my mind at ease. When i had my daughter they said i has some marks on my cervix then. Why was nothing flagged up then? That was 6 years ago. Im just so worried can someone help maybe to put my mind at rest a little? Dont really know what anyone can say to me about it. But anything is better then nothing  thank you in advance. 

Heya Hun!

i had my smear in sept and it came back high grade servers dys too I asked the doctor what it meant and he explained that the high grade meant had more abnormal cells than mild grade, I then had my letter through to go for a colposcopy, when I arrived they also did the LLTEZ treatment and biopsy this was more uncomfortable but didn't hurt, I'm now waiting on the results which can take up to 6 weeks, I did ask the doctor of the chances it comes back as cancer and she did say it was very rare.

sorry it's not much advice But I was where you are Few weeks ago , you can book in with your doctors to discuss your smear results and what happens next, that's what I did and tbf made me feel a little bit more at ease xxx

Thank you for getting back to me. My doctors are very busy at the min as all. So i cant actually get an app until after the date of my hosp!! But reading on here, i realise it is common. Its just when it happens to you you feel like the only one. Just got so much going on in my head. My 6year old has to have her tonsils out the week after i have my treatment so thats worrying me too. Thank you for your advice. Need to try and stop googling!xx

Stick with your hospital appointment as they have a more thorough look and if necessary can take extra cell samples. I don't tend to see my doctor now about this as I'be got a hotline for colposcopy. Plus my doctor couldn't really help much.

unfortunately it's a bit of a waiting process from colposcopy examination to a 4-6 week wait for results and if you need treatment, another wait for an appointment to discuss your results and treatment options. The waiting can be an absolute killer.

In Cardiff there doesn't seem to be a big wait if it's urgent and it's a pretty efficient system albeit slightly frustrating at times.

Hope it goes well.