New Member, worried!! 1st smear - High Grade Dysk.


I’m new to the forum and just needed to vent.

I’m 24 and went for my 1st smear. My results came back with high grade dyskaryosis. I’m booked in for a colposcopy in two weeks. It’s all I keep thinking of and can’t stop worrying! I find myself going into thoughts of 'worst case scenario' and then getting upset throughout the day. I can’t bare the not knowing.

My great Nan passed away of cervical cancer when she was in her early 40s, my Nan battled cervical cancer in her late 30s, my mum had treatment when I was younger and now my results are showing abnormalities. I know they say it’s not hereditary as it’s mainly contracted through HPV but I can’t help but think this isn’t a coincidence.

I know there are people in a much worse position than me and feel daft for over thinking things but I just want to know what’s what.

Any advice on how to stop my mind going into overdrive would be greatly appreciated... xx



1st smear – 17th April

Abnormal results – 29th April


Colposcopy – Awaiting... booked for 20th April

Hiya. Easy to say try not to worry but harder to do! My first smear came back the same as yours and I had loop on the day to remove the abnormal bit. Waiting for results now. My doctor said just because it says high grade it doesnt mean it is,  and could just be moderate. Try think positive!


Hi hun,

Thanks for your reply and positive note, its reasurring to hear that others have experienced the same

and are getting through it.


Already feeling much better about things.


Good luck with your results lovely, keep us updated :) xx

Hi I'm really new to this, I wanted to sign up because I had a letter asking me to go for a smear test back in February and it's only taken me to have my smear test a couple of weeks ago.

my results came back on the 23rd April saying they were abnormal and called high grade dyskaryosis, I have my hospital appointment this friday 9th May for coloscopy  and I'm really Worried I'm so emotional and it's hard for me not to think the worst when I've got two boys.

I just want to know if anyone has had this and if it's anything to worry about.

I have had every symptom for a couple of months before I even received my letter and I'm only 24.

Would be so greatful if anyone could reassure me xxx

Hi hun, 


I know exactly how you feel. I think it's the not knowing and the waiting that makes it worse. 

Im also booked in for a colposcopy after my letter came back with high grade dysk. 

Ive found that reading through some of the discussions on here and hearing other

peoples experiences reassuring. 


 Try not to worry too much - I know it's easier to say than do trust me. 


Good luck with your appt tomorrow. Let us know how you get on xxx



1st smear - 17th April 

Abnormal results - 29th April 

Colposcopy booked - 20th May 

Hiya please try not to panic and google! 

High grade is also known as CIN3 this must have treatment as if left it could possibly

turn in to cancer saying that they don't actually know how long as they've never left anyone without 

treatment to do it, you've came to the right place :) 

cc does not run in families it's awful that members of your family have had it but please dont

think you do it will drive you crazy waiting for appointments and results 

the colposcopy is a posher version of a smear and is no way painful slightly uncomfortable but I think that's more

because you know what they are doing try to stay positive and use this site as much as you want to ask questions or just to vent xxx

You're in the best place here.  I'm also 24 and have the same, I'm still healing from the LLETZ really.  I felt a lot better after the colp, once things are set in motion, you know that everything is being sorted out.  You have to remember that it isn't the big C right now.  Keep telling yourself that :)  Waiting is the worst but remember, at least you;re getting seen to!  If you need to talk please don't hesitate to send a message!

Thank you so much for all your reply's.


I've found it so helpful talking to people that have been through it and know what its like. 

Will keep you updated once I've had the colp. Only 11 days to wait now... 


Also, just a bit of advice really, my colp is booked in for a Tuesday so I've taken the day off work and my fiance

is coming to the apt with me. Will I be ok to go back to work the day after if I need to have treatment there and then

or should I rest? I work in an office so I'm sat down most of the day but its a long drive to get in.


Any experiences/advice would be helpful, thanks in advance :) 



They advised me not to drive 24 hours after.  Work will probably ok if you're sitting down.  I stand up at work and the day after I had the loop I had a shift, and I was in pain the whole time.  Though I have read that a lot of women seem to feel ok afterwards.  Ideally, I would try and take the day off (wish I had), but I wouldn't worry too much if that isn't possible.  Best to ask the nurse to double check.

Hi again.. 


Thanks hun, I think I'll book the day after off too just in case.