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Hi just need somewhere to get my feelings out really where other people are going through the same, found this forum while googling info. My last smear had been 5yrs ago, I'd had a reminder when I was pregnant 2yrs ago then forgot all about it til a couple of wks ago when I saw something on Daybreak. I went for a smear and just had a bad feeling about getting the results even though my previous ones have been negative. I got my results last week, was dreading opening the envelope then my worries became real when I read 'high grade dyskaryosis' . My colposcopy appt is 23rd July, the waiting and not knowing is upsetting me so much and I know if they do a biopsy I'll have to wait even longer for those results. I'm trying to be positive but can't help fearing the worst especially as my previous smear was 5yrs ago. I have a 21 month old son who is my world, I'm a stay at home mum, and just feel like bursting into tears every time I look at him. I've told my partner, my mum and a couple of friends and obviously they're telling me not to worry but how can I not worry. I've just had a telephone appt with my gp to try get some reassurance but he's made me feel worse, I asked if he could see on the results if it says moderate or severe cos my letter just says high grade but he just said he couldn't tell me anymore and I'd just have to wait til my appt, I just got the feeling he knew more than he was letting on. I've just rang the hospital to see if there's any cancellations to go sooner but she said not yet and to check back each day. Sorry for the long ramble, just wanted to get it out :(

Hi I didn't want to read and run - I turned 25 in may had my 1st smear 1week later and everyone said ur be fine don't worry .....well I got results 1week later on a fridaynight saing high grade and the Saturday I had a letter with an appt for colposcopy ... I have a 4 yr old son and my little girl is 8 months!! So many people have said stop worrying your be fine but I'm exactly the same as you ! Keep crying and so nervous got my appt for colposcopy on Friday ! The waiting is the hard bit keeping my fingers crossed for you .

Take care xx

Thank you for your reply, sorry that you're going through the same as me but its nice to know I'm not alone if you know what I mean, it's easy for other people to say not to worry though I know they're only trying to re-assure me. I think I'm worrying more than I would have if I didn't have my little boy, I'm starting to cry again typing this. I hate having smear tests but always went every 3yrs until this time when I was pregnant, just can't believe I forgot. Apparently the colposcopy is similar which I'm not worried about itself, just what news I might get. Do you know whether yours is moderate or severe? Good luck for Friday xx

Hi girls, I know you have heard it before but please try not to worry yourselves silly, impossible as that may seem. I have been in your shoes, only difference i stupidly waited over 10 years to go for my smear, so when my letter came I was convinced it must be cancer! Well it wasnt :) not gonna lie I have been on a bit of a roller coaster and my treatment wasnt as simple as most, can never do anything by the book! But for most women a single treatment sorts it right out and in most cases abnormalities can take well over 10 years to become cancerous, and some high grade changes will never become malignant no matter how long they are left.

I know only too well the sheer terror that can take over when you read that letter but on the positive side you are now in the sytem and will be taken care of. What we often tend to forget is that the smear test is used as an indicator and is not a definative test, thats why you have been called to colp. In most cases its fairly accurate and 'high grade' normally indicates CIN3, but this can only be diagnosed by biopsy. A lot of trusts offer a 'see and treat' service, where after taking a look if they can tell you will need treatment they do it there and then. Thats what I had done and was glad of it as I was a complete mess, only one visit that lasted about half an hour and it was all over, the lletz was no where near as bad as I had made out in my head.

My advice would be to keep yourself distracted and stay off google!!! This site is amazing for information and support from those who know exactly how you feel, which at this point is probably scared to death and not fully in control of your own body. So try taking a little bit of that control back and plan some relaxing/enjoyable activities or days out before your appointment, make a list of any questions you have and take it with you to the appointment, you will feel as though you are taking a little bit of control back and using your energy positvley, and of course once you get in there everything will fall out of your head so write it down!

Its hard for people who havent been through this to understand just how stressful it can be and I think the emotional impact is often overlooked by the healthcare professionals, so try not to be too hard on those around you who may seem to brush it off and definatley dont be too hard on yourself, its a lot to take in and we all have bad days. Most of us have found the waiting for results the hardest part so dont forget on Jo's we are all here for each other, if you need advice, support or just need to get stuff of your chest.


Good luck with your appointments ladies, let us know how you get on



Thankyou for your reply Niki, sounds like you've been through a lot, it is definately the waiting and not knowing that's driving me mad, usually time flies by for me but at the moment it seems to be standing still. But I'm going to take your advice and stop googling! There's no point trying to self-diagnose myself is there. The hospital said I was welcome to ring each day to check for cancellations though so I'm going to do that, will let you know the outcome, thanks again for the advice and support x

Hi ladies thanks for both your replies I have promised myself no googling lol if it wasn't for google though I would of never seen this forum and the ladies on here are amazing and so supportive !! Have a good week and I'll update you on how I get on with colposcopy :) xxx

Yes that's true Perri about finding this site through google, it has been good for something! Fingers crossed for you for Friday x

hi girls im 25 know how you all feel first smear 6 weeks ago then got result of serve dsykoris then hospital appoiment at hospital came through went week ago for colosppy and biopsy hospital called friday adv tht i need to have i have 2 sections one that needs to be cut out and other area lazered its been a rough few weeks xx great forum as nice to know others are goimg through the same

Hi bella88, im 39 but ive noticed quite a few on here have received these results after first smear, the age limit should be reduced again for first smears its ridiculous.  Your biopsy results came through quite fast, I was told if I have to have a biopsy the results could take up to 4wks, hope all goes well with your treatment, good luck x

Hi girls,

I know exactly how you're feeling as I had my first smear in June, got told High-grade dyskaryosis and terrifed myself by googling too much as I received almost no information about what exactly was wrong and wanted to know whether it was moderate or severe.

When calling to book my colposcopy as advised in my letter, they told me I'd need to have LLETZ treatment at the same time - which again terrified me as I thought if I had to have it on the same day it MUST be serious.

I had the treatment today after weeks of worrying (and plenty of tears!) and whilst it wasn't the most pleasant experience of my life (not painful, just uncomfortable), it was nowhere near as bad as I thought and was told by the dr that I had moderate dyskaryosis and that he thought I was low-risk, though now I have to wait 6-8 weeks for the results. It's a long time but hearing it wasn't as bad as I'd worried has lifted a weight off my shoulders.

Whilst I know that hearing "you'll be fine" is next to no help and what you've probably already been told by plenty of people, I will just say try not to fear the worst as I did. Hopefully you can get a cancellation but all the best in the meantime and keep us updated!

Amy xxx

Hi thank you for your reply and sharing your experience. I keep trying to be more positive but its so hard not to fear the worst, especially having a little boy who is totally dependant on me. I felt a bit better yesterday but then today I've been thinking about other symptoms I've had which I've been putting down to other things but now think they could be related. My son is having a nap at the moment so my mind is going into overdrive again!

Ive managed to get a cancellation for monday which is only a day earlier but hopefully another day closer to some reassurance.

Fingers crossed for your results, its such a long wait, but if the consultant has said low risk then thats reassuring news.

Take care

Gail x

Hi everyone im going through same got letter today saying i am high grade got appointment monday feel destroyed got 3y kid think the worst but alot ppl said its normal xx

Hi to all .so glad I found this helpful forum so worried .

Today I went for my check up after my letter telling me I have high grade dyskaryosis I couldn't go through with the treatment today as all was a bit overwhelming only finding out I had this 24 hours ago so asked for the treatment to be carried out putting me sleep.has anyone else had the treatment this was .can anyone offer any insite into what it's like and how to prepare . Be much appreciated thankyou for reading.

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Hi everybody !!!

i went through this in January !! 

I'm 41 with my first abnormal smear high grade moderate dyskaroysis 

i made myself poorly lost weight could sleep etc 

then I went for colposcopy in feb .. it wasn't as half as bad as I thought only thing I felt was the anaesthetic after that nothing more than a smear test really .. I had lletz there and then was told it was prob low grade or cin 2 at the most .. 

worried myself silly for 6 weeks got results which said cin 3 !!! I was really upset about that as the consultant and colposcopist played it down so it was severe not moderate but all removed !! 

I had no trouble after lletz either just a manageable discharge for a couple of weeks .. and now here I am waiting for my test of cure in august !!! 

Good luck ladies don't google if your worried or have any questions I'd say stick to this site it's been and still is a god send to me 

much love to all xxx