High risk HPV very concerned

Hello everyone, I need help, I am desperate. This will be long but please bear with me.

I'm 23 years old, latina female. Recently, (the whole year of 2018) I have been going through many health issues, amongst them being diagnosed with high risk HPV. I had my second pap smear during the month of May 2018 and it came back negative but high risk HPV (at the time the pap said negative for 16, 18, 45). I was sent to get a colposcopy and that was done on September 4th, 2018. Came back confirming I am high risk HPV and have chronic cervicitis with mild epithelial dysplasia and koilocytotic atypia (CIN1).

I have had a pretty stressful life since I was a child and had been depressed for 11 years. I used to drink a lot before and smoke a lot of weed for a few years. I also used drugs for like 2 months after this colposcopy (nothing very hardcore but I popped pills) just because I was terrified about the whole thing and wanted to escape reality. I know for a fact this destroyed immune system and had been the reason this virus was acting up. I am due to get another colposcopy on the month of March and I am very scared my poor diet and stress have made the CIN1 escalate :( I am however trying my best now to compensate and fix this by drastically changing my diet (very low sugar intake from some fruit, no wheat, gluten and almost no grains, lots of vegetables and low white meat intake, no dairy either). I am also taking various supplements such as AHCC, RYL BETAGLUCAN, B-12 with folate (not folic acid), transferon and selenium. I am juicing greens at least once a day, meditating, taking cold showers, anything I can to make this virus clear up for my next colposcopy.

Taking into consideration I have been in pretty bad health for the last year with constant cold/flu like symptoms and severe sore throat and inflammation of the neck lymph nodes (havent gotten sick in a bit over a month now but my lymph nodes are still present though much smaller than before), will I be able to clear the virus in the span of 3 months? Or maybe the CIN1 already escalated and I might be in for an awful surprise? This really scares me because I do not want to get the LEEP procedure as I want to be a mother in the future and don't want to have complications, and also after reading horrible stories from women who have gotten the procedure and basically destroying their sex lives as well as their mental well-being. From what I have read a lot of women suffer from constant pain during sex (or without), cervical scarring, bleeding, unable to orgasm, infections, etc. 

In addition to the chronic cervicitis that has not gone away and was shown in the results, (I keep randomly spotting between periods, had an ultrasound done and that came back fine though but during my pelvic exams the dr told me I was indeed bleeding from one spot of the cervix and she "burned it" [dont know the word], but then I had sex with my partner a week later and now almost 3 weeks later I started spotting again), I have a bad case BV for like over a year now and the intra vaginal antibiotics I was prescribed (clindamicyn) don't seem to the working. So I have HPV, this cervicitis thing and BV and it's making me miserable. I am now also applying yogurt inside (recommended by my gynecologist) to see if it helps along with this second course of the clindamicyn. What else can I do? I am trying to heal many things at the same time and it's taking a lot of money, time and energy and I am unable to focus on other aspects of my life for the most part because this keeps lingering at the back of my head.

I honestly don't know what to do or what to expect even though I am trying my best to stay positive. I just want advice on what else to do to boost my immune system and if it is possible to clear the virus in the span of 3 months by doing all these things. I have read some stories where women were able to do so, but given my other vaginal conditions (BV, cervicitis), I am still with some doubts.

Any help or words of encouragement are welcomed. Thanks in advance.

I had googled things to take so iv taken chlorella & spirulena.  (I think thats hiw u spell it) thuja which is in wee tiny balls & shitakki mushroom i think again my spelling might be off 


the chlorella & spirulena are meant to stop any cells attaching to your body or speading

the tuja rids you of the virus


the shitakki mushroom is aparantly proven to reduce the virus


lord knows if they actually work but i am trying 


it is so so difficult to not think about it 24/7 im in constant pain since my lettz and swabs show i dont have an infection & the gynae man sats im healed up good but i am getting constant pain so its a ongoing reminder of the crap thats going on. 


Hope ur better soon chick xx