High risk hpv cell changes

Hi there been lurking for a few days just looking for some comfort really. Had my smear 5th jan this year results came in on Saturday high risk hpv and some cell changes. To say im scared is a understatement. When the nurse done my smear i asked her if it looked ok and she said it looked lovely pink and healthy which automatically put my mind at rest. But now I am bricking it, i cant sleep or eat. I have three kids and everytime i look at them i feel my heart sink. Im terrfied they find cc when i go to the hospital. I have terrible anxiety and im a total worrier im just so scared xx

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Hi @Dawnosb , sending love and positivity! For now you just need to try reassure yourself that you’ve done the right thing getting your smear and if they refer you for a colposcopy they’ll be able to have a closer look and maybe take biopsies and you’ll get more answers then!

I had the same result as you from my smear then I was referred for a colposcopy, it came back CIN3 then I had my LLETZ 3 weeks ago now and I’m waiting on the results of that, like you I’ve got anxiety and there’s been so many tears haha but I just keep trying to comfort myself in thinking I’m on the radar and each step I’m a step closer to finding out!

I was really anxious about what happens in each appointment but this forum really helped me x

Hello, in March I had my smear and it came with the same results with some low grade changes. and they scheduled me for a routine colposcopy in 6 months. I also feel like I’m freaking out because I’m supposed to be offered a colposcopy in 6 weeks. But the good thing is that it is low-grade changes, I would be more worried if it had been high-grade changes. Good luck and don’t Google too much. that doesn’t help

Hi there, my first pap came with HPV16 @ CIN3 two weeks ago. Have been feeling very anxious and scared. Dr. Is nice but i feel like she isnt serious. I read my report and it says my saquamous cells are diffuse and strong positive for p16. I asked the doctor what it means but she just says its just cell dysplasia. I can also literally feel bumps on my cervix which really is scaring the life out of me.
Google makes anxiety worse but it also brought me to this forum where I can talk and listen to other women in same situation as me.

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Hi i had a my appointment on Thursday, took one biopsy and the dr says he doesnt think its cc but hes going to do a letz which hes going to send an appointment thru for. I just wish this was all over with the anxiety is killing me xx

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