High risk HPV 68 yo pain with sex and granulated cervix ultrasound scheduled

I am scared to death! I have been High risk HPV+ for five years and had many colposcopies that were fine. Went in for bleeding and pain with sex 2 days ago and Dr. said Cervix was abnormal with granulation and lesions, possible mass on left side of cervix. Because of pain to touch as well she ordered an ultrasound in THREE WEEKS!!! to see if there was something in my uterus “as well”. I am feeling in shock and debilitated with worry. Does “as well” mean she is feeling sure its cancer? Everything I read about someone post menopausal with these symptoms, it seems is more likely dealing with cancer. Anyone older here have had experience like this? Or knowledge pertaining to my situation

I’m 65 high risk HPV.I was told on January this year.Im a mess over this.