High grade severe dyskaryosis (children mentioned)

Had smear on 10th Jan (my 3rd one) 2 previous were normal. Result letter came yesterday and said severe dyskaryosis and a colposcopy booked for this coming Wednesday! Safe to say I am totally freaking out. I've not long ago had my 2nd baby and everytime I look at my children I feel sick at the thought of the worst happening and not being around for them. I spent 10 hours on Google yesterday and didn't eat or sleep. (I know, i know.. google is evil) buti got this letter on a Saturday there was no one professional to speak to and the leaflet just worried me more. 

I Also have a hard lump in my upper left abdomen for which i am awaiting a scan and have had a persistent sore throat and swollen glands for 7 weeks so obviously now I'm thinking whatever I have has spread in my body ! I have also had constant stomach pain for a couple of weeks and generally feel totally wiped out and exhausted. 

I have managed to book a gp appointment online for the morning in hope of some reassurance and info before the colp but really nothing anyone can say is going to stop me worrying. I feel sick constantly and cannot keep off Google!! 

Thanks for listening..  :(

There’s no point in me telling you not to worry when we are all guilty of overthinking and over worryin. Just take reassurance that you’ll be in safe hands and they have caught abnormalities early xx

Hi Kstar,

I am currently going through the exact same thing, went for my 3rd smear (previous 2 normal) on 9th Jan results came back exactly 1 week later saying HPV Positive and High Grade Dyskaryosis (absolutely distraught to say the least) received my Colposcopy appt the next day for tomorrow (23rd) 

This last week has been awful my anxiety is through the roof, everytime I look at my kids I nearly burst into tears and I have pretty much convinced myself of the worst (I don’t have a lump but I have had other symptoms)

I can’t really help with regards to putting your mind at ease, but I just wanted you to know that I can totally relate to how you’re feeling right now and if you need to talk feel free to get in touch

I wish you all the very best for your Colposcopy on Wed

Hi, I can’t say don’t worry but I can say you’re definitely not alone feeling like this.

I had my smear back in November, im 35 and have never missed one and all had been normal so I was distraught when this one came back abnormal. i was exactly the same as you when I received my letter, pretty much convinced myself to say goodbye to my kids, couldnt eat or sleep. However I found the waiting to be the worst bit. Once I’d had my colposcopy I actually felt calmer and more in control, almost like I’d started getting it sorted and the nurses were wonderful at chatting through everything with me.

My results came back high grade cgin so I had lletz last week and now have the worrying wait for results but I honestly think the waiting and fear of the unknown is so hard and you’re mind runs away with you. I hope you feel slightly more reassured once you’ve had your appointment this week and if you can, stay away from dr Google! X

Thanks all.. off for colposcopy in 3 hours time as asked them to see me earlier. Absolutely terrified of what they might find. Will update after   x