HPV positive and severe dyskaryosis- terrified

Hi everyone, first time poster here. I just got my smear test results today and they show HPV and severe dyskaryosis :pensive:
I was given an appt for a colposcopy in a weeks time then managed to get a cancellation for tomorrow. I’ve always had regular smears which have been fine but I’m just so scared of what they are going to find.
I am just sitting here crying my eyes out and Googling and trying to find some reassurance and make sense of it all. Sorry for rambling on xx

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You’re not rambling at all - it’s so hard to get your head round news like this and can feel totally overwhelming. Probably the best advice (although advice I struggled with!) is to stop googling :blush:. There’s a lot of misinformation out there. As hard as it is, try to stick to Jo’s and the NHS.

A couple of weeks ago I was in a very similar situation and the anxiety is the worst. I was crying all the time and not sleeping. I’ve had a colposcopy, biopsy and lletz now and the worst part of all of them was the worrying. You’re in good hands and you’re being seen quickly which is excellent. It’s okay to feel how you’re feeling, and totally normal. Try and look after yourself as much as you can, and plan nice things for tomorrow evening.

Will be thinking of you tomorrow. Let us know how it goes Xx

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Thank yoy so much for your lovely reply, I’m crying my eyes out now just for having a bit of reassurance.
I’ve got a 5 year old son and I feel like that’s it now I should make the most of time with him, :broken_heart: I know we have these tests to try and prevent the worst but my mind is running away with me tonight.
I’ll give anything for them to be able to just sort this out so I can be here for him.
I’ve eaten nothing today and have such a headache.
Thank you again, and I will update tomorrow xx

Any updates? How did it go?