High grade dyskaryosis - terrified about colposcopy

Please help me. I got called on Friday about my smear results saying I have high grade dyskaryosis and they need to see me within 14 days. I feel sick! I am terrified. I’ve read all I can read and sometimes I feel mildly better but then I remember they need to see me so soon and I panic again. I had been offered a colposcopy appointment tomorrow but have come on my period this morning so I guess I’ll have to postpone?? I can’t cope with another week not sleeping. I have 2 little boys I can’t leave them :cry:

I’m sorry you’re having to dealing with this. I have two young children as well. I had an abnormal (ASC-US) pap for the first time in January, high risk HPV positive. Had my colposcopy (mildly painful, mostly uncomfortable) in February where they found it was CIN 3 (high grade dyskaryosis) and then had a LLETZ (LEEP) in early May. The doctor said the LEEP got it all with clear margins so it should be gone “theoretically”. That made me a little nervous. I have my follow up pap in early November so we will see! All we can do is make sure we make it to all of our appointments and try to take good care of our bodies in the time in between. It’s good that you found this out now, hopefully it will all be removed all you’ll have no more issues!

Thanks for replying. I’m awake again googling and unable to calm my mind. Need to phone them first thing tomorrow about my period starting and see if I still need to go. I have such a bad feeling, my periods have been heavier I would say and I do get discomfort in sex which I’ve read are symptoms of cancer I had no idea - I just put it down to things being different down there after my c-sections.
Tried to prepare my husband. My older child keeps talking to me about us being together forever and how old will I be when hes 30 etc and will I be there at his wedding. I can’t cope.

I know, my mind went to all of those places too :frowning: And I know it’s useless to tell you not to worry, I worried myself totally miserable. But you will come to terms with this. So far it’s just severe dysplasia! So until you know more that’s just how you have to look at it. Many many women have been here before. Sometimes when they do the LLETZ it even makes the HPV disappear (become suppressed by your immune system) and there are women who go through this procedure and then go on to never have another abnormal smear! I’m having a lot of symptoms as well, bad lower back pain, pain deep in my thigh, random spotting, bleeding with sex, horrible periods, and I get horribly constipated around my period. The day before my last period I was up all night on the toilet with the shakes and cold sweats. I’m nervous for my follow up smear, I might have to reschedule as it’s scheduled when my period is due again. This all is so annoying but I’m doing my best to keep up with it and figure out what’s going on.

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Just back from the hospital. I phoned this morning about being on my period and they said to still go if I felt comfortable doing so and they would try to do the procedure. I went for it as I couldn’t stand to wait any longer. Loop biopsy carried out and feeling a little bit better it’s done. Said I should hear results in 3/4 weeks and probably follow up smear 6 months… so that’s the best outcome right?? Just gutted I’m not able to get straight into a nice relaxing bath for 4 weeks!

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It does feel like a relief for it to be over! I remember feeling the same way. Good for you for getting it dealt with! Don’t be surprised about having some weird discharge and smells. Just keep an eye out for really heavy bleeding and signs of infection like severe pain and fever. I felt pretty tired for about a week after my LEEP but I did have general anesthesia so that may have been why. I never take baths, I prefer showers, but I wanted a bath so badly after my LEEP! Ha ha. You could maybe make a nice warm tub with some Epsom salt and lavender to soak your feet and just do a little self care. I loved my heating pad and loose pants at that point too. Maybe some warm soup as well :slight_smile:

Thank you - the foot soak and self care sounds like a lovely idea. I used a hot water bottle and had some soup and a lie down when I got home. So far the bleeding is pretty manageable.
So you’ll have your follow up next week or week after? Will you let me know how you get on?

My first period after my LEEP came early and was heavier than usual so don’t be too worried if that happens to you, as long as the bleeding is manageable of course! It actually changed the timing of my cycle completely, I always used to start right around the 21st but now I always start around the 1st so that’s interesting. My doctor’s office called today to reschedule my follow up pap which is good since I was going to be on my period anyway. I’ll go in on November 15th now. I’ll do my best to come back and let you know what the results are!

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