New and scared

I received a letter on Saturday morning telling me my smear result was abnormal and I have high grade dyskaryosis. I rang the hospital today and am booked in for a colposcopy on Friday at 8.30. I’m so scared I feel like I can’t function. I can’t eat or sleep and feel sick with worry. For he past few months I have been having lower abdo pain and my periods have become much heavier but only lasting a day or 2 at most. I’m terrified these are symptoms and that I’m going to have something sinister going on. Is high grade dyskaryosis the same as cin 3? Will I definately need treatment with this smear result of could it be better than they think?
Will they do the treatment on Friday too?? Has anybody else had this and gone on for everything to be fine? Sorry for all the questions but I’m so so scared I don’t know what to do.

I know how scary it is, I had to keep leaving work as I just couldn’t cope and burst out crying. I’m pretty sure I’m right in saying it is cin 3, that’s the same as I had and I was offered LLETZ treatment at my colposcopy treatment under a local which I done but unfortunately I was one of the unlucky ones. I have plenty of friend who had high grade changes and treatment clears it with no problems. You will know more on Friday. Please try not to worry to much but I know its bloody hard as its all so fresh in my head. Sending you a big big hug and if u want any info or just a chat please pm me.

Should also add iv known people get the same results after their smear as you and when they had their colposcopy it showed low changes :) I know you will worry sick I think we all do its only natural but this site will help you a lot it has me

Hey, I'm new and scared too! I'm in exactly the same boat as my letter in Friday saying severe dyskaryosis, and then an appointment for wed 9th Dec has come through for colposcopy...I'm literally bricking it...I've been bleeding after sex for months and so so tired...then last month I started bleeding and just haven't stopped since so that's when I finally got my arse Into gear and went for a's so hard to stay positive especially when it's all happening so fast..scary times!! 

Thank you so much for your replies it does really help. I'm still worried beyond relief and just finding it hard to cope with the stress of it. It's hard to get yourself together at times. I just want to look forwatd to christmas but I cant with this hanging over me. X