colposcopy tomorrow nerves

Im starting to feel quite panicky about it. The letter says it's high grade dyskaryosis but I don't know exactly what this means. I had hpv when I was 18 and the doctor at the time said I needed no treatment and not to worry but I can't seem to shake this bad feeling off. I was having very heavy periods every two weeks before I had my second child but it was never investigated. I had gross haematuria twice also. When the checked my bladder no cause was found and I was discharged with no follow up. Also been finding sex (sorry if tmi) uncomfortable for a couple of months.  If any one can help me chill out please reply. Thank you x

Hi I had a letter saying high grade dyskaryosis too..was booked for colposcopy 23rd but managed to get a cancellation last Thursday.The nnurse said looked like small area and looked like cin 2/3 ..I had lletz treatment there and then which in itself was fine..not painful.heart races a little with the anaesthetic which happens to most. ..its the smelly discharge I am hating now which they didnt mention then but have rang them and they say its normal xx

HI thank you for your reply, it's the waiting that's made me worry I think. Past couple of days I've not been able to eat. I think I feel bad as I was late having my smear done and feel like it's my fault for putting other things first. I hope you get a good result and all goes well for you xx

I know feelin hun. I was 2 years late for mine. .and yes the waiting is so horrible :( thanks hun still got few week wait for results :( good luck for tomorrow xx

:) thank you, keep me posted on how you get on with results. Am hoping the best for you xx

Just back from colposcopy. Had the loop thing done and am aching now. Had to have two lots of anesthetic because It got painful half way through but was bearable. Fingers crossed now for the results but the doctor seemed happy with how it went. Hope you're ok xx

Aawww thats good :) not so good bout the pain tho ...mine didn't really hurt altho she burnt a part that wasnt numb so I felt that bit!!! Av they told u about the smelly discharge?not been pleasant week xx

Yeah they burnt it all cause was bleeding quite a bit. As far as I could see it was quite a big chunk :/ yeah she said to expect it and it would pass but if I get a temperature or any worries to ring them she was lovely. How are you doing now? Xx

Hi I’m in the same boat just got the news out of the blue I have severe dyskariosis, waiting for the colposcopy. Feel sick with no appetite. All I can think about. What is every one else’s stories with the same? I just don’t know what to do? X

Hi, after my first smear test I got a letter which said high grade dyskaryosis, the same day had a letter to make an appointment for a colposcopy. After two and a half weeks of panic and nerves I had the colposcopy and lletz today. It wasn't as bad as I'd thought it would be to be honest. It's a bit undignified sitting in the stirrups but the nurse put me at ease. It was uncomfortable and a little painful for me but didn't take long at all. All I thought was its better to get it over with and then I could relax a little. Although I've had some period type pain since I had it done I'm ok and feel a bit better about it all. Will have my results in roughly 3 weeks. Any questions you have please feel free to ask. I'll help as much as I can but I'm quite new to all this too. Hope you're ok xx