High grade dyskarosis now worried about painful sex!

Hi I had a smear tes on the 8th Feb and received my results back on the 20th which came back with high grade dyskarosis I am booked on for a colopscopy on 24th Feb… Does this mean that it’s really bad that’s why I have got an appointment so quickly coz I have seen that people have to wait 4-6 weeks. Also I have been suffering with sex for a while now especially with doggy style as it hurts my cervix (too much information but I just want to know) could this be because of the cells ? I also have spoTting when I wipe down there. Don’t have periods due to the depo injection… Could these things mean that I have cervical cancer as I have seen online that these are symptoms then to top it off I receive an abnormal smear… I’m probably overthinking things but I just want to know and 2 days for my colopscopy seems like such a long wait

Looking forward to you replies


Hi guys I had a coloscopy and llenz treatment in July 2015 to remove high grade dysclarosis results came back as cin 3 and hpv I've had my follow up smear had my letter today saying they have found borderline changes can someone please tell me does this men it's come back surly not so quick? I have been referred for another coloscopy 

Hi hun I had this done last yer very scary and u realise what was I panicking about lol I also suffer from pain during sex if my cervix is hit the wrong way but I have a tilted cervix bleeding between periods like a pink paste discharge is a cause for concern I thought I was pregnant cause everything I read on Google was alll saying a symptom of pregnancy 

Hello, I had high grade -severe dyskariosis last year. I had a loop excision to have them removed. They got me in fairly quickly too which scared me but it's normal. They like to have a look and remove if needed as soon as possible. The procedure is really quick and didn't hurt, you would have a local anaesthetic. The pain could be due to the cells yes.  Try not to worry, I know it's hard - I was terrified but it was all over an done with so quickly. I've just had my follow up 6 months smear and waiting for the results for that, hoping for the best this time! Xxx