High grade dyskaryosis

My Story up to now,

I’m 26, had my first smear beginning of February 2016, received my letter on Thursday 18th February then received my appointment for a coloscopy this coming Thursday 25th February. Letter said my results were abnormal high grade dyskaryosis, I cried a lot as didn’t and still don’t really understand. My grandma, mum, auntie and cousin have all had treatment for the same thing but it’s not something we have discussed in great detail. First thing that came into my head was what if it’s cancer? I read the leaflet and it said that low grade dyskaryosis is not cancer and high grade is unlikely to be cancer but that means it’s still a possibility.

Going back to when I was around 21/22 I had 1 time with my ex partner where after sex I went to go to the toilet and on my way had a sharp pain rip through my stomach and blood drip onto the floor, it was bright red not like my period when it starts. I booked to see my GP and was told to come back when I was 25 as they couldn’t do a smear test until then. I haven’t had this since but do sometimes find sex a little uncomfortable in certain positions. I received a letter once I’d turned 25 but couldn’t get an appointment for love nor money so ended up changing my doctors surgery and booked an appointment only to come on my period the night before so rescheduled for 2 weeks later.

I’m now awaiting my coloscopy on Thursday but I can’t help worrying, it’s 2:30 am and I’m wide awake and have been googling all sorts for over 2 hours. I have bi - polar and anxiety and although it’s controlled ok at the moment with medication I find myself obsessing over things I worry about and it brings on mild anxiety attacks. I just want to get to Thursday and know what I’m dealing with, at least then I will know what is going on.

I started my period at 11 and they have always been horrendous. I always get quite large clots the first few days and I’m wondering if this is linked. About 3 cycles ago I even had to get an ambulance out to me the pain was so bad and my hands, arms and legs had gone numb and I couldn’t use my hands as they had cramped up. Would like to find out if any of that is linked. My periods have always been pretty regular and last the same length, I haven’t had any irregular bleeding in between periods apart from the odd spot on a rare occasion.

Sorry for writing so much but I’m going out of my mind and don’t really have anyone to talk to about it especially at this time of night so typing it all out is a bit of a release. Would really like to know if anyone has had a similar experience and what happened next.


Hi Kassie, Im the same as you ! had my smear on 1st Feb results in on 11th Feb and im now booked in on Thursday for a Colposcopy and im so scared ! no other symptoms just abnormal smear, I have a history of CC in my family so im thinking the worse! try and stay positive and let me know how you get on Thursday! X X


Hi Kassie im really sorry to hear what you're dgoing through right now. I feel like I was meant to come across your post. This is the first post I havr actually written on here iv just been reading posts - in fact there same posts over and over again for weeks on end! 

This will be a long post so I do apologise. Over christmas just gone out of nowhere my anxiety got really bad and I suffered from healthy anxiety I don't know if it was the awful stories I had read, my baby only a few months old ( I have a 3 year old too) the crappy weather no routing or what but it was horrible anyway I read this case about a girl who was the same age as me went for her smear came back abnormal and she then went on to have cc

well it really got to me I was down the doctors after that thinking I had every cancer under the sun anyway long story short I had my smear I felt happy it was done and started to slowly get back to normal with the school runs keeping busy etc then a letter came through saying my abnormal cells were high grade. Well I was a wreck suffering from anxiety anyway it was one of he worst weeks of my life I was pretty much planning my own funeral. Every time o looked at my kids if wanted to burst into tears I was convinced I was a gonner. It was on my mind every minute of every day for two weeks! Anyway had the coloscopy and felt relieved when the doctor said my cells didn't look as bad as he thought. Had the lletz there and then and went home. Felt a lot better but still until I had my results I wasn't convonved everything would be okay. So again kept myself busy as much as i could with the help of amazing partner family and friends. Everytime I seen a letter with my name on my heart would sink.And finally I got my results about an hour ago and all the cells have been removed. I know it's easier said than done but please don't work yourself into a state i really was like you thinking I might be the unlucky one but it's sooooo unlikely you have cancer just the smear done it's job and detected them early IFFF they was to turn cancerous in many years. You only have to ask around to see it's actually alot more common than you think to have what we had like you said your aunts, nan etc. keep yourself busy and try to stay positive I know it's hard. Maybe give yourself some tasks and things you want to do this summer when you've been told you're all okay :-) Please let me know how you get on. So sorry for the long post just wanted to make you feel better x