High Dyskaryosis result - so scared :( (kids mentioned)

Hi everyone,

I’m sure there are many others in my situations - but I am currently driving myself mad with worry :frowning:

I had my smear test a few weeks ago and had the results through last week. They state that there were severe abnormalities found and a chlopscopy and LLETZ has been booked for 3 weeks time.

I realise that smear tests are there to detect abnormalities before they become cancerous BUT - I’m now worried about a few niggles that I had over the last year or so. My daughter was born nearly 4 years ago and, when my period returned 3 years ago - they were heavier and I kept having a mid cycle bleed. This was nearly always 2 weeks into my cycle and was relatively mild blededing for a few days - I wrote this off as ‘just hormonal’ and thought nothing of it! I’ve also been experience a very specific point of lower back pain - but thought it probably came from always carrying my daughter around on my hip. Now though - all I keep reading (and, yes - I know playing Dr Google is such a bad idea!!) - but these both seem to be cancer symptoms - so I’m now terrified. I’ve been laying awake most nights worrying about a cancer diagnosis :frowning:

I’m so scared and also so angry that I never thought to have either of these symptoms looked at!

Just looking to share and see if anyone else has ever had these same symtoms and a positive outcome

hya helzbelz,   just want to offer a bit of reasurance. i cant be certain and say u wont be told you have the dreaded cc but i can say it is a very slow developing cancer. and the fact that your colposcopy and Lletz is booked for the same time is good because they will get rid of any abnormal cells there and then meaning you dont have more of a dreadede wait. i had mine seperate. and even though you try not to let it, it does drive you crazy. i had my colposcopy and biopsy in nov and only had my Lletz yesterday. and have to wait 3weeks for my results. 


as for your symptoms im not sure on back pain because as we know we do get back pain having kids so wouldnt like to say but another explanation for your abnormal bleed could be an ovulation bleed as you said its around 2weeks after period. and if you have a 28 day cycle thats is typically when you would ovulate. again not a pro but i hope this does make you feel better. it is a very scary time and we all cant help how are minds work or think. hope everything goes ok for you.