really really scared :'( please reply

hi ladies i had a normal smear test 3 years ago and i had anothe the end of february which came back high grade dyskaryosis, went for a colposcopy and had treatment lletz the same day for a small ish abnormal aresshowing white, i am now waiting biopsy results, i had my lletz treatment 2 weeks ago and ive got period pains its making me think i have cancer already, is it normal for period pains 2 weeks after lletz treatment nd biopsy? im so scared, i have 3 young children im 28, :'( cant eat or sleep at all. thanks ladies 

forgot to also add, somebody told me they can detect cancer cells on a smear is this right? ive been told by 2 different people that you can see them on a smear and the other person said they cannot be detected on assmear, i cant stop worrying i dont know how im going to wait for my results without making myself really ill xx

Hi kale,

I am in exactly the same position as you. I had normal smears up until Feb this year, then high grade dyskaryosis, had colposcopy and lletz on same day which was exactly 2 weeks ago. I have been having having messy looking discharge for the first week or so and then a bit bloody and today it looks and feels like a period. I was told by the nurse and also in the paperwork I was given that I could expect heavier bleeding after about two weeks but not to worry about it unless it was heavier than a period or if I was having to change pads every hour. So far so good! 

I am only going on what I am experiencing and what I have read, and I am sure someone more knowledgeable than me will be along shortly, but I think having some period pains after 2 weeks is quite normal and to be expected.

I know how worrying it can be, it's the waiting for the results that I am struggling with.

Perhaps if you are really concerned you could call the clinic you went to for advice?


I hope I have helped put your mind at rest a little bit.

Take care x

Hi Kate

it is natural to worry about the diagnosis and this will be the worst time for you. Once you know what is what you can get on with it, even if it's not great news. I was diagnosed in January this year and am undergoing treatment and its not too bad, at least something is happening. The chemo weeks are inconvenient, the week after I feel utterly exhausted but the week after that I feel fine and just like me. i have 2 children (10 and 8) and they keep me positive and jolly! All I know is that worrying yourself sick won't change anything, it won't change the diagnosis, it can't make you better, all it does is waste your energy and sap any joy you have from you. 

Whatever happens you must find the strength to manage it, there are lots ot of treatments out there that will make you better (if there is something wrong!) and if you take it easy, listen to your medical texam and do what they say you will get there. Also remember talk long and laugh often with your friends I couldn't feel this positive without them!

Thinking of you and keeping my fingers crossed for you