Newbie & worried

Hi all,

My colposopy is this Thursday (24/08/17).                       I had my routine smear test on the 10th (my third one - I'm 31) and received my results on the 18th. 

I have high grade dyskaryosis severe with positive HPV. 

I am extremely scared as I have recently lost my best friend to testicular cancer. I have three children and have just graduated from university to begin my teaching career in a couple of weeks. 

I've tried not to worry but I've been experiencing unexplained lower back pain since last August which I put down to age.

Trying to stay positive but would appreciate some support!


much love ❤️ 


2011/2014 - normal smear tests

10/08/17 - smear test 

18/08/17 - Severe grade dyskaryosis and positive HPV

24/08/17 - colposcopy 

Hi Bella, 

I can't really offer too much other than just another person that's in the same boat. I had my first smear on 1st August and had high grade severe dyskariosis. I had my colposcopy and lletz last week. The wait is absolutely killing me. Part of me thinks don't be so silly it's fine and the other part thinks the worst! The lletz isn't that bad and the colposcopy is fine it really is the waiting. I do have some discharge though which seems to be getting worse but sounds like that is normal? Found out on Friday my boyfriend booked us to go away to a spa this week for my birthday and have had to cancel because I can't swim due to lletz! Gutted! I've had back pain for years to the point I have even had an MRI a few years back and never even considered it being related until now :( 


My biggest regret is not asking the nurse anything at the colposcopy. She said nothing to reassure me and told me she would write to me personally within 2-3 weeks which is sooner than the brochure - should this concern me?

If I could do it again I would have asked questions for reassurance as I think it would help. Make sure you take someone with you even if they dont come in as i just came out and cried as I didn't know how to feel and I am normally quite relaxed! 

I hope your results don't take too long and all is okay.

Hi Cle92x,


Thanks for getting in touch! 

It's all just so scary isn't it?! Like you I am not a worrier in general and very much live life with a 'what will be will be' kind of attitude - but this has got me! 

Did you have your colposcopy and LLETZ on the same day? 

I agree, the waiting is awful - it really does allow the mind to go bananas. My kids are starting to guess something isn't right but my partner and I are keeping it from them for now but that is also making me anxious. 

Keep in touch! 



Yeah I did! She told me I was having lletz before she even examined me which worried me more as from what I have read this isn't normal practice. Did you? I have felt increasingly worse since the lletz but I don't know if it's due to lack of sleep and anxiety more than anything. Just can't get comfortable :( I called the doctors today on the off chance for results but nothing yet. I wouldn't worry the kids until you have your results though as if they have removed it all you may not need to worry xx let me know how your appointment goes! Xx

Hi cle92x,

So, I've not long got back from my colposcopy - my gynae did indeed do a LLETZ there and then.

He told me that the affected area of my cervix was larger than anticipated, he took more of my cervix than he originally planned. He has prescribed me with two types of antibiotic (Erythromycin and Metronidazole) as my cervix was extremely swollen. I found the procedure uncomfortable but not extremely painful (I did feel pinches and pushes now and again that made me intake my breath).

The nurses in the room were fantastic and were so sensitive when the emotion took over and I began shaking uncontrollably and crying. My OH is being brave but I can tell seeing me go through that has shaken him. 

Now playing the waiting game with you.

much love ❤️ 

Hi Sarah I know exactly what you mean. I was okay until they put the needle in then I just silently freaked out and was shaking. I really hope you don't have to wait too long for your results. Mum has just called to say she has two letters for me as my doctors is registered to her address and I was too scared to change it in case it got lost. Panicing that I have two let but fingers crossed the second is for a 6 month check up! Will let you know once I have opened them. Don't want her telling me over the phone. Let me know how you're feeling after your lletz as I felt quite drained and also im not used to wearing sanitary towels so that didn't help my mood!! 

lots of love,


Duplicated letter!! CIN 3 removed. Check up on 6 months :)

Hey Claire,


Fantastic news!! You got your results quite quickly too. I'm so pleased for you.

Yes, I'm very drained and have actually experienced extreme bloating since the procedure, to the point I can no longer do up my trousers. I know what you mean with the pads... so uncomfortable, especially in the hot weather we are experiencing here. 

I start my teaching on Monday so hopefully, my mind will be on work and not this bloody letter. 

Again, great news!

Much love <3


Hi Sarah-Bella,

Yes they did come quick which I am so pleased about! Today is the first day I have been able to not wear pads though! I was wondering if you had any news yet?

Thinking of you,