here's hoping....

Hi there,

Been a while since I have been on here. Was diagnosed CIN3 last year and had Lletz under GA in August. Hospital were delayed asking me back for check up and only had my appointment  two weeks ago. Ended up having a colposcopy and biopsies taken because the consultant says there is still adnormalities. That's all I know. I have to wit 4 weeks for results, and I am going insane with worry. 

I think I am just wanting to voice my worries etc on here as I know the women on here are going through something similar if not worse. Even though my husband is absolutely brilliant, he isnt as woman and isnt going through this.


Thank you for reading this




understand your anxieties.  I've been given anp urgent referral 25th for colposcopy.  I'm bricking it.  I intent to go on my own as it's early investigations.  Suspect CC due to abnormal cervix and coveted in lesions/erosions by visual eye. 


As as they say no news is good news, but those who said that we're obviously not in this position.

HI there

I hope that all goes ok on 25th. I think you should bring someone with you even if it is just for moral support. I tool my husband so that he could drive me there and back. They will probably take biopsies and send them away to be tested. I know it is hard not to think the worst... hell I am sitting here thinking it about my situation. But you are in the system now and they will check everything out and if there is something will be removed.

Let me know how 25th goes.