Just some advice pls ️xx

Hi ladies. I hope you are all well and enjoying life to the full. 


Yesterday I got my colposcopy results confirming stage 3 pre-cancerous cells. I had the Lletz treatment and the same time, but the nurse has said that they cannot confirm if all the cells were removed as there was so much. I have to go back for a follow up smear in four months. 


Have any of you had the same results?  I feel like cancer is teasing me and saying "I'm here waiting, ready to pounce!" And it just feels like an endless battle of emotion. 

Thank you in advance for your support xxx


They're there to prevent cancer. ... I went for my first smear in December and by feb I was diagnosed with stage 1b abd booked in for my op 

so don't worry about it many people have stage 3 cin but they can tell the difference between cancer... When they get the bad cells away there stoping them

from turning into cancer... Just trust in what they are doing don't worry too much

it just means rhet could turn into cancer years and years later if they don't get rid of them :)


Hello xx

can I ask when you had your colposcopy? I'm also waiting for my results xx I find the waiting so hard x


Like Pab123 said, trust the doctors more- they really do know what they;re doing when it comes to LLETZ and CIN cells.

I know you feel like that but to be honest, I'd turn that around and start to think 'I'm lucky it wasn't cancer and I'm happy', rather than what it could have been. CIN 3 can take years and years to turn into cancer, sometimes it never does. So I wouldn't worry and try to put it all behing you and look into the future knowing you're healthy :)

Lucy x

Thand you ladies. I had my colposcopy on March 18th. The wait is torture!


then no news is good news :) within 2 days of having mine I had a phone call to come hospital asap

to be told I had CC ... Just feel lucky ... I feel lucky now even with cancer because it's so treatable early stages

and in the cervix is one of the best places to have it as wierd as that sounds lol

rather an easily treated cervix than anywhere else 

just feel lucky :) xx