Help when can I exercise after a biopsy

Was wondering if someone could help me here and give some advice.

Had a colposcopy and biopsy on Wednesday but I'm training for a half marathon and wondered when people started to excercise again.

I have only been walking 5 miles a day slowly to keep the fitness levels up no running or hiit work outs.


Hello I'm sorry to hear that you find yourself here again and unfortunately I can't answer your question but if I were in your shoes I would check with your healthcare team or your GP before exercising again - just to be on the safe side. I hope this helps

A x

I had lletz straight away rather than a biopsy but am a keen cyclist. I was back on my bike - gently - after a week and back to pre lletz cycling after 3 weeks. 6 weeks after, I was in the Pyrenees doing some big hills. Listen to your body and if you get pain or an increase in bleeding then ease off. Everyone heals differently. Hope that helps.



i had my biopsy on a Tuesday and was due to do a 10km charity run on the sat, my Gynacologist said I was fine to do it if I felt fine. I had cramps so I didn't just in case. But I would always ask your doc, worst thing is to prolong the recovery!

I had a biopsy today and was wondering the same if I'm ok to exercise. I need something to keep my mind off waiting for results. She actually showed me the screen and the white area showing up so I am now in panic mode about my results  x