Exercise after Colposcopy..

I had my colposcopy on the 4th July, so nearly 2 weeks ago. I'd felt fine up until a couple of days ago, when I very lightly started to bleed, and today the bleeding has kicked in a lot more and I'm feeling slightly uncomfortable.

I'm someone who normally runs 10 miles every Sunday, and does a lot of exercise during the week as well. I've had cabin fever so badly, that yesterday I went for a 2 mile power walk, which although not uncomfortable as such, I felt.. sensitive almost?

I was told to wait 2 weeks to exercise, and I just don't know how to get back into it, and whether I can exercise when I'm bleeding? I don't want to do any harm, but I also don't think mentally I can sit around not doing a lot for much longer!
And when I do get back to running, I'm guessing I have to work back up to 10 miles? My muscle memory is good so that's not a problem, but would my cervix somehow suffer from going out for a long run?

I'm not particularly enjoying this recovery thing..! :(


It looks like we are in the same situation. I had CIN 2 and also had lletz on 4th of July! In my case u got an infection after a week...and as I went on antibiotics I started to bleed. Now I'm bleeding fromTuesday, something like period..but 100% that's not in. 

To be honest I feel like  the bleeding and pain gets worst when I do something more .... the other day I was very late and was running/walking quick not to get a parking ticket. I got a lot of pain in my abdominal and seemed like a bleed more. 

I would be careful if I were you. Maybe start going back to it very very slowly. As everything inside is still healing. Try to rest as much as possible. I know it's horrible to recover. But think it is kind of operation which we went through. Your body needs time.... and of course you don't want to get infection...as I did as it's horrible! 

So maybe give it another week, then slowly go back to your routine 

I would ease back into it slowly. I exercised whilst bleeding beca I didn't realise you weren't supposed to. I started exercising on the 2nd week and it definitely made me bleed more. However, I recovered fine. I've got to do it all again next week, so I'm getting my exercise in now and will be taking it more easy this time.

Thank you for your replies! It's so difficult to figure out when's best to get back to exercise when everyone is so different.

I'm doing a lot of walking to try and make up for not running.. now trying to work out if I can do yoga tomorrow or whether that would be even worse than running? 

Just so fed up with waiting to get better :/

Hi Hun, like you have said, I would begin with interval training, power walk, light jog (not run) and then back to power walking. Believe me, I know what it's like! I'm 7 weeks post op and I've been going cabin crazy too.  Only just started swimming again at 4 weeks and then I'm back the gym last week. Managed to do some running on a treadmill, not brave enough to start outside again yet, in case I get any pain and can't get back to where I've started xxxxx

I did yoga on Wednesday, and then ended up having to take a trip to hospital on Friday to seal some blood vessels around my cervix that started to bleed heavily. The doctors didn't think the yoga would've caused the bleeding, but I was told to definitely not run for an extra week or so. But apparently my cervix is healing really well, so I've not done any actual damage.

I hope the rest of your treatment goes well, and that you can get back to running outside soon!

Hi guys, sorry to jump in here but how did you find just walking around / being on your feet a lot? I had my lletz last monday and will need to do 2 events wih work next weds/thursday, so a week and a half after treatment, and it will involve spending allnday stood up/walking around (no heavy lifting though). I'm very worried that this could cause heavy bleedig when i won't have easy access to a bathroom.



I gotta ask. What do yall do about pads in yoga wear? underwear is difficult enough as it is. 

Hiya :) I went straight back to work the next day- 8 hours on my feet in a busy sandwich shop, including sweeping, mopping, and putting away some heavy orders. I maybe wouldn't advise that, but I found being on my feet for long periods of time totally fine. If you're worried though, just wear a heavy duty sanitary towel- you can definitely feel heavy bleeding if it starts, but I think you'd be ok.

I wore light-ish pads, and some dark coloured leggings, and then just hid at the back of the class! Sealed