Exercising After Colposcopy

Hi everyone,

I’m waiting for my referral letter for my colposcopy and have been reading up a bit on what happens next. My smear came back with CIN3 so I’m prepared for some recovering. However, I’m in the middle of training for a big fundraising bike ride in May and can’t afford to miss many sessions. I’m training around four times a week so it’s there’s quite a bit to miss. I know I will have to take a break until things have healed though. Basically my question is, how did you find exercise after the procedure? Did it take some time before you could start again and were there any problems?

Thanks in advance!

How amazing that you're doing your bike ride - good for you!  I felt very tired for a few days after my LLETZ.  I'm a horse rider and thought I'd be ok after a week, but I strained myself with some yoga and lugging shopping bags, so I stayed out of the saddle for a bit longer.  I'm now nearly 3 weeks on (will be 3 weeks on Friday) and the bleeding has just stopped, and I'm aiming to get riding again in the next day or so.  Everyone's different, so maybe start gently and listen to your body.  Good luck with the training and the bike ride!  Sending lots of love for a quick and full recovery xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thanks for replying! Coincidently the ride is for Cancer Research and a cancer ward. So hopefully I'll still be ok to do it!  I actually ended up ringing the hospital today because I realised I'm flying to Australia in a few weeks as well and panicked that it would clash or I'd be doing a 20 something hour flight after having a biopsy. I explained about the bike ride too and they were amazing! They rejigged some clinics and got me in next week! (They even said they'd call me tomorrow if there anyone cancelled but I doubt that will happen).  They've put a note on my appointment for the doctor explaining it all so hopefully they'll be able to help. 


I did a triathlon 3 days after my first colposcopy and punch biopsy...I feel I did bleed during the race but as my triathlon suit is black I can't be 100% sure.

I went on to have a top hat treatment and wasn't allowed sea swim for 4 weeks and pool swim for 6 weeks and that was hard going as it was summer.